EXCLUSIVE: Deborah Hutton stopped getting Botox treatments years ago thanks to this refreshing outlook on ageing

''I just kept looking at myself thinking I was turning into Jack Nicholson.''
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Deborah Hutton made headlines in 2020 when she revealed to fans and followers that she’d had two skin cancers removed from her face.

Taking to Instagram, she showed off the significant number of stitches required and two years on, she’s still receiving messages from survivors thanking her for sharing her story.

In 2020, Deborah bravely shared her skin cancer story.

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“I am inundated with people sending photographs, sharing their story with skin cancer,” Deborah, 60, exclusively tells The Weekly.

“I’ve got mates who spent their lives at Bondi and every other week they’re getting things cut out and now they’re like me on skin checks once every three months. I don’t want other people going through this so be smart about it!”

Whilst she spent her younger years lathering herself in coconut oil and lying on the beach, the TV personality’s tanning days are well and truly over.

“Tanned skin is skin that’s been traumatised by the sun,” she says. “The process is not pretty and yet we kind of feel proud about having a ‘beautiful tan’ but there’s actually nothing beautiful about it. What’s beautiful is our skin when we look after it.

The 60-year-old has been looking after her skin since her teenage years.

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A long-time Estée Lauder ambassador, Deborah knows the value of a good skincare routine and has done ever since she was 14 when she first learned to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

“I’ve been looking after my skin religiously and I think that’s through modelling – one of the most important things in my career was to have a consistency with taking care of your skin,” she says, before recommending research-backed products to add to your beauty regime.

“As you get older we need more hydration and that’s why drinking water and finding really nourishing, hydrating products is so important. And you’ve always got to wear sunscreen, 365 days of the year. There’s not a day where I don’t. There are so many great sunscreens out there, some with foundation included in them, beautiful light and non-greasy ones so I honestly think it becomes natural.”

“I also have one of those litre bottles with me and I chug that down and keep my skin well hydrated, lots of masks of masks and things like that. Slap a bit of sunscreen on and a Canopy Bay hat and that’s my day!”

“I don’t have any fillers and I don’t do any Botox. I just think ‘You know what, I love getting older’.”

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When it comes to surgeries and procedures, however, Deborah steers away from going under the knife or needle.

“I gave up Botox a couple of years ago. I tried to do it around my eyes – I just kept looking at myself thinking I was turning into Jack Nicholson, it’s so not me!” she laughs.

“I don’t have any fillers and I don’t do any Botox. I just think ‘You know what, I love getting older’. The aches and pains are starting to kick in from the wear and tear but you know that’s all part of it!”

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Deborah, who turned 60 at the end of last year, adds that when it comes to beauty, it’s all about looking after yourself and feeling good.

“Sometimes I think some people who try and save their youth end up looking older and like somebody else. I think it’s really beautiful to embrace who you are, there’s such a beauty in imperfection and nothing is perfect, there’s no such thing as perfection,” she remarks.

“As I get older my greys are showing and I have a few wrinkles but they’re laugh lines. I like to find the humour and positive side of life.”

The former Weekly editor-in-chief also believes that skin and facial features are a reflection of a person’s attitude to life.

“If you go through life and you’re sad or negative or you frown a lot, that’s the face you’re going to get but if you’re joyous and happy and giving and loving and grateful, then that’s going to show on your face. Attitude has a massive amount to do with the face that you end up with. There are sad wrinkles and happy wrinkles!”

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