Why settle for regular Christmas ornaments, when they could be filled with gin?

These boozy baubles are the perfect way to level up your decoration game.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what could possibly make it better? The answer may surprise you – Christmas gin baubles!

If you’ve never heard of them before, think a step above personalised gifts and ornaments. A Christmas tree bauble filled with a gorgeous juniper spirit that is suited to you and your friends and family perfectly, is the right way to go when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

From DIY, to boutique infused gin, we have the best Christmas gin baubles on the market listed below!


Gingle Bells Floral Gin Baubles


With an array of six different gins, these baubles are completely unique to one another and coloured by carefully selected edible flowers, Australian native fruits, and seeds.


Gingle Bells Gold Floral Gin & Vodka Baubles


From finger lime to butterfly pea, these gin and vodka baubles are a must when adding an adult twist to your tree this Christmas!


Fillable Festive Boozeballs


Consider yourself a gin snob? Why not try a cute DIY project this festive season! You’ll be in charge of the gin, and these fillable baubles can double as the perfect gift, or round of drinks on Christmas day.


Christmas Jumper Gin Bauble


If you’re someone who loves giving a personalised gift, why not treat your loved ones to boozy baubles adroned with their name!


Drinks by the Dram Gin Baubles


Only the finest quality gins have been transformed into the cutest ornaments with this Drinks by Dram box set.


Light-Up Gin Liqueur Baubles


If the idea of gin baubles is intriguing to you but you aren’t convinced you can sacrifice the tree space, double down on their decorative element with these light up ornaments! Even once you’ve drunk one (or six), you’ll still be left with a festive decoration.

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