10 clever ways to reuse your leftover Easter chocolate

Who doesn't love a sweet, Easter treat?
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Are you ready for Easter and the touch of sweetness the season brings? We cannot wait! So much so, that we have trawled Women’s Weekly Food’s collection of Easter dessert recipes to find our favourites that require no baking at all.

Whether you’re experienced in the kitchen or a complete novice, these easy Easter dessert recipes promise to elevate your Easter gathering with their delicious simplicity. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your ingredients, and let’s create some unforgettable desserts.

Easter Egg Hunt Smash Cake recipe

Women’s Weekly Food

For a spectacular Easter dessert centrepiece, we suggest making this delicious Easter Egg Hunt Smash Cake.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: If preferred, use chocolate melts in place of eating chocolate.

Chocolate Freckle Easter Eggs recipe

Women’s Weekly Food

Add a bright and personal touch to your Easter dessert with this fun and delicious recipe.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “Not suitable to freeze, but suitable to microwave.”

Easter Egg Rocky Road

Women’s Weekly Food

Women’s Weekly Food have given the humble rocky road a festive, Easter makeover. The perfect way to use up any leftover Easter eggs…if there are any left.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “When adding chopped biscuit to chocolate, avoid using the fine crumbs.”

Easter Egg Sundae recipe

Women’s Weekly Food

Wow your guests with this fun Easter dessert. All you need is chocolate Easter eggs, ice cream and your choice of sundae toppings.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “Any type of hollow Easter eggs can be used. We used both traditional thin-shelled chocolate eggs plus 100s & 1000s-covered Easter eggs which have a slightly thicker shell.”

Easter Egg Cake Pops recipe

Women’s Weekly Food

Looking for an Easter dessert recipe that doubles as a great activity to keep the children occupied? You should definitely try this fun and delicious Easter Egg Cake Pops recipe.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “Royal icing begins to set as soon as it’s exposed to the air, so keep the icing covered tightly with plastic wrap while you’re not working with it.”

Chocolate freckle biscuit bark

Women’s Weekly Food

If you’re pressed for time but still looking to turn your leftover chocolate into a delicious treat then this chocolate freckle biscuit bark recipe is both tasty and quick.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “Bark will keep in an airtight container for up to 1 week.”

Brown butter chocolate croissants

Women’s Weekly Food

Why not try your hand at baking some delicious brown butter chocolate croissants with your leftover Easter goodies? Though croissants can be notoriously tricky to make, we have a simplified recipe below.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “Browned butter is a simple technique, achieved by cooking butter until the water evaporates and the milk solids are toasted to a nut-like flavour that gives our pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) a flavour edge.”

Chocolate marshmallow Easter eggs

Women’s Weekly Food

These chocolate marshmallow Easter eggs only require three simple steps for a delicious dessert.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “You’ll need to work quickly to spoon the marshmallow into the hollowed out Easter eggs.”

Chocolate chip cookies

Women’s Weekly Food

Who doesn’t love a classic choc chip cookie? All you’ll need to do is roughly chop up your leftover chocolate for the choc chips.

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “For a chewier cookie, bake for 12 minutes instead of 15. Cookies will keep in an airtight container for up to 1 week.”

Chocolate Easter freckles

Women’s Weekly Food

If you’re not ready to leave the Easter-themed festivities behind, you can try your hand at whipping up these adorable bunny-shaped

Tip from the Test Kitchen: “The kids will love helping out with these cute treats this Easter. Just bake the bickies, smother in melted chocolate then sprinkle with hundreds and thousands.”

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