EXCLUSIVE: Adam Liaw reveals his ‘food hero’ will join him on The Cook Up

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw returns for a delicious new season
The Cook Up

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw is returning to our screens on February 26 for another delicious and exciting season.

The chef and dad of three recently sat down with The Weekly to talk about all things food, cooking and the latest season of his television show.

“Things are actually getting more and more simple as we go through each season,” Adam laughs. “There are a lot of recipes out there in the world, but as I write the recipes for each season they get more simple which is the most fun.”

As well as fun and easy-to-follow recipes, the upcoming season also boasts a slew of exciting guests. Joining Adam in the kitchen will be Priscilla Hon, Dr Michael Mosley, Rachel Ward, Eddie Perfect, Lincoln Younes, Art Simone, Nikki Britton, Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, Dave Lawson, Christie Whelan Browne, Mahmoud Ismail, Jamie Durie, Clare Bowditch, Bert La Bonte, Joe White, Ann Reardon and Ashley Vola.

However, one of the guests Adam says he is most looking forward to is his very own “food hero” – Hong Kong-American chef and food writer, Martin Yan.

This season is also set to debut its first ever kids’ episode which will see two young chefs flexing their cooking prowess alongside Adam in the kitchen.

“I say encourage kids in the kitchen as much as possible,” Adam tells us. “I learned so much from my grandmother, watching her cook was an extremely valuable life lesson.” 

With episodes dropping nightly, the most valuable lesson of this year’s season is encouraging everyone to get into the kitchen and to have fun with cooking.

The Cook Up

“It’s really about getting people in the kitchen cooking and really trying to encourage people to actually enjoy cooking.”

“It’s not about how difficult the dish you’re cooking is, it’s about learning the recipes you like and the recipes you want to aspire to,” Adam adds.

An internal SBS production, The Cook Up will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Korean afterwards.

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw season six will premiere weekdays on SBS On Demand from Monday February 26 and at 7pm weeknights on SBS Food. All episodes from previous series of The Cook Up are available to stream on SBS On Demand.

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