How to completely overhaul and organise your wardrobe

Make getting dressed much more enjoyable!
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Organising your wardrobe may seem daunting, but take it step by step and it doesn’t have to be.

So stop procrastinating and prepare to change your life – or at least make getting dressed more enjoyable – with The Weekly‘s simple but effective guide.

First things first

Set aside some time to tackle this task without distractions. Ultimately you want to be able to sort everything in your closet into three piles – items that you want to keep, items that you want to offer to family and friends and a pile for charity or recycling.

If space is an issue in your wardrobe, a great way to get the most out of the space you have is to put one season in good storage vacuum bags or plastic tubs with lids. While one season is stored away you will have a better vision of what you have to wear.

Treasure or toss

When going through your wardrobe, start with your hanging space, then move onto folded clothes and accessories. Be prepared to make cut-throat decisions about what stays and what goes. Ask yourself these questions when pulling each item out:

  • Have I worn it in the last 6-12 months?

  • Is it damaged and worth repairing?

  • Will a friend or relative like this?

  • Is this a designer label that may fetch money from eBay or an online marketplace?

Have a little fun with this part, try things on, go down memory lane. Pick which category that item needs to go in – keep, donate or give away. If you have items that are damaged and not fit for a charity to re-home, have a look online as there are some great initiatives out there which turn old textiles into new items.

A great website to start from is recyclingnearyou.com.au. Another handy tip is to cut your cottons into cleaning rags for use around the house.


In the words of tidying up queen Marie Kondo, “Once you tidy your closet, your clothes have space to breathe.” Start with quality hangers to make the most of your storage and arrange garments in colour and type so you can find them easily. It will also inspire your choices for any occasion.

  • For tops: Use a slimline flocked hanger to hang shirts to maximise space.

  • For coats: Heavy coats call for a solid wooden hanger to take the weight of the coat and maintain shape. Ditch wire hangers as they can stain and warp the shape of clothing.

Store right

Storing clothing, leather goods and knits correctly will keep your items in good condition for the next season. And simple care rituals will ensure they stand the test of time.

Woollens and Cashmere

Before storing woollens and\ cashmere, wash them in a natural detergent. Moths are attracted to dirt and body oils left on clothes. Using a natural cleaning product will soften and refresh your garments as harsh chemicals can erode the fibres. Store woollens and cashmere in a cool, dry environment, ideally carefully folded in a linen or cotton bag to allow the air to flow. Don’t use hangers as they will cause dimples in the shoulders.

Scarves, hats and bags

Scarves are a great way to add style to your look, why not display them on decorative hooks? It’s recommended you store handbags in cotton dust bags, as dust and the elements can damage the leather and hardware on a bag. If you don’t have dust bags, a cotton pillowcase will do.

Bags should be stacked neatly on a shelf if possible and stuffed with either acid-free tissue paper stuffing or a pillow. This ensures that the bag will not crease and lose shape over time. If you have a large bag collection, try rotating your handbags each season and using care products such as leather cleaner and leather care.

Lastly, refrain from squeezing bigger bags into smaller shelves as this will bend and warp the handles over time.


Shoes are the bulkiest storage part of any wardrobe. If you’re short on space, a great hack is to simply be inspired with a little DIY. Why not attach a shoe rack to the back of a cupboard door, a handy space saver which gives easy access as well.

Another great simple way to see your shoes better is investing in a clear shoe bag that slides easily under your bed or sits at the bottom of your wardrobe.

Shoe storage tips: 1. Keep winter boots in shape by using boot clips, or try an old rolled-up magazine in each boot for a cheap and easy solution. 2. Shoes will last much longer if they are kept in shape, not squashed into a drawer or box. A simple way is to use a shoe tree, which will maintain the shape and avoid them being creased or squashed.

Smalls and delicates

A simple way to separate your smalls is to divide up your drawers into categories, such as bras and underwear, socks and pantyhose etc.


A jewellery stand or box will help prevent necklaces from getting tangled and earrings from going missing. It will look great and you’ll be able to accessorise better. Store finer items in their box or pouch to deter dust and discoloration.

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