Your Monthly Horoscope for February 2024

Here's what's in store for you this month.

As we enter a new month, the slate is wiped clean and there are endless possibilities for growth. See what’s in store for your relationships, career, and emotions in the month ahead, here’s your February horoscope for 2024

Aquarius, Jan 21 – Feb 19

As the celestial trinity of sun, new moon and Mercury in Aquarius on February 10 opens the gateway to your astrological new year, happy birthday Waterpourers! Mercury is amplified midmonth by enterprising Mars entering your sign, followed by collaborative Venus hot on his heels. Use this astral flashpoint for making important choices. The indelible imprint of Pluto’s entry into Aquarius for the next 20 years transforms your sign – its scientific discoveries, social changes, technological advances and progressive ideas become the background for personal evolution.

Pisces, Feb 20 – Mar 20

February’s six-planet emphasis on the final cycles that are naturally occurring in your life asks, “What do you need closure on before your astrological new year kicks in later this month?” Executive Mercury in efficient mode is assisting this audit with sensible judgments, unsentimental decision-making and no-nonsense communication. So when the last week of February ushers Mercury and the sun into your sensitive, empathic orbit for this year’s birthday circuit, you’ll have a clear, invitational space available for writing the latest chapter in the Life of Pisces.

Aries, Mar 21 – Apr 21

Motivational Mars, your primo planet, is in Aries’ astro-zone of ambition and public recognition until mid-February. This suggests reaching out to mentors and supporters or setting up some vigorous self-promotion. Perhaps a stylish rebrand? When the dynamic midmonth hook-up of Venus and Mars heightens your natural charisma, the magnetic energy of this harmonious alignment draws others closer to you, deepening current connections and forging new bonds. Thanks to this boundary-pushing combination, your role as an ongoing agent of positive change could enter a more intense level of engagement.

Taurus, Apr 22 – May 21

In addition to Uranus, the planet of change, in Taurus, Pluto’s long-term move to the sign of the unexpected can be taxing for fixed signs like yourself, especially those attached to their habits. But with this celestial scenario in place for the foreseeable future, you’d best find a way of making obligatory changes work in your favour. This won’t be difficult with favourable Jupiter in Taurus’ corner for the next couple of months. And your galactic guide Venus will be jetting midmonth into her most unconventional and experimental mode, so you will be totally up for this kind of challenge.

Gemini, May 22 – Jun 22

Predominantly air sign vibes are this month’s gift for your busy, buzzing Twinship. Gemini’s mentor planet Mercury whizzing into its most tech-savvy mode during February’s central fortnight is particularly auspicious for meetings, planning, branding and all that digital business. After that, the quicksilver planet sinking into its most intuitive, psychic placement during the last week of the month is your cue to rest, give your brain a break and listen to instinct rather than reason. If you feel a little moodier than usual, talk it through: Let those emotions flow.

Cancer, Jun 23 – Jul 23

While this month certainly has its wild surprises and friendly pleasures, it’s not the most sensitive or sympathetic of transits. Significant moon phases for you lunar beings are February 10’s new moon in the sign of groups and the wider community. This offers a portal where your unique talents and specialised approach could make a valuable contribution to the collective. When full moon on February 24 highlights your inner majesty, it’s time to allow others to honour and acknowledge the gifts of care and nurturing you shower on those around you.

Leo, Jul 24 – Aug 23

This month’s elemental energy is mentally oriented and driven. In a word? Heady. According to physical astrology, your fiery sign rules over the heart, and February’s celestial question for Leos is, “How can you bring more heart energy into this digital, tech-obsessed world?” Even just one thing each day would make a significant difference. And when the resplendent full moon pours down its golden light on February 24, reward yourself by googling Leo poet Antonio Machado’s glorious tribute to this special lunar radiance: Last Night As I Was Sleeping.

Virgo, Aug 24 – Sep 23

This month’s astral energy fires up your work zone with a stimulus package from the cosmos. During the first week of February, Virgo’s mentor planet Mercury at its most organised and efficient is excellent for decluttering and ticking off the to-do list. For the following fortnight, the silicate planet in a forward-thinking, community-minded mode supports practical planning and group activities. When Mercury relaxes into intuitive, imaginative recuperation during February’s final week, it’s time to prioritise self-care and personal well-being. And to trust your hunches.

Libra, Sep 24 – Oct 23

With this month’s astral energetics in your sector of self-expression and creativity – which some astrologers call the house of fun – what could be, well, more fun for a Libran? Especially when your prima planet Venus quantum leaps midmonth into her most quirky and eccentric setting, hot on the heels of Mars in a similarly outrageous vein. This is a wonderful cycle to explore, experiment, reimagine and keep continually evolving. And if you get the feeling that you’re outgrowing who you’ve been up till now? Then bravo, you’re on the right path.

Scorpio, Oct 24 – Nov 22

This month’s whopping six planets in a fixed sign like your own offer Scorpios the opportunity to catch yourself digging in your heels and stay flexible. To listen and be willing to pivot, especially in negotiations concerning home, family or base of operations. Proposed changes may be challenging, but patience and curiosity can uncover their exciting side. This month’s electric energies operate on a different voltage to your natural rhythm. They can be lightning-fast and feel a little shocking, but like a thunderstorm, surprisingly refreshing once they pass.

Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21

As this busy month escalates activities at work, in your local community and with social groups, don’t be surprised if its digital insistence starts giving you a brain ache. But no being hard on yourself, please: We all fall out of alignment, it’s the human dance, and when we’re overloaded it’s difficult to focus and move forward with grace and glide. Should this happen, go for a walk or drive in nature (preferably to somewhere off your beaten path) to reboot your organic intelligence. February’s astrological note to self? Steer clear of soapboxes.

Capricorn, Dec 22 – Jan 20

Though its random and sometimes radical energy might seem counterintuitive to your structured, process-driven sign, this month’s planetary emphasis in Capricorn’s zodiac zone of finances, holdings and worth offers plenty of scope for making progress on what’s most valuable to you. With charming Venus and go-getter Mars in your high-flying sign for the first half of February ensuring your earthy appeal is at its most magnetic (plus giving you a competitive edge), look for where a calculated risk might be worth taking. 

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