Your weekly horoscope for January 22-28, 2024

Here's what's in store for your zodiac sign this week.

Change is the name of this week’s game as Venus, Mars and Mercury in the sign of worldly activities meet the Sun and Pluto moving our earthworld into the future. Here’s your weekly horoscope January 22-28, 2024.

Aquarius, Jan 21 – Feb 19

What will Pluto’s move into Aquarius do for you personally? Eliminate what’s no longer working in your life, and rebuild resilience based on a more sustainable understanding of the world around you. You might start by getting choosier with commitments and declining invitations that aren’t aligned. 

Pisces, Feb 20 – Mar 20

This week’s astral energetics in your zone of closure are ideal for clearing the decks in readiness for Pisces’ upcoming month in the sun. So where to begin? Perhaps with an internal detox of any old concepts, passe behaviours and autopilot responses crowding your mind space.

Aries, Mar 21 – Apr 21

If life’s been a little too serious lately, let playful, creative full moon on 26 January reacquaint you with your flamboyant, fun-loving self.  The current transit of Aquarius appreciates originality, one of your major astrological talents, so go on: take a little walk on the wild side this week.

Taurus, Apr 22 – May 21

Embracing change has become more of a requirement than ever these days, so as Uranus moves forward in Taurus this week with the message that nothing changes if nothing changes, be willing to take a leap. Because there’s plenty of magic out there just beyond the comfort zone…

Gemini, May 22 – Jun 22

As this week’s planetary progression starts extending perspectives from Me to We, don’t be alarmed if people act erratically. Everyone needs time and understanding as the hive mind gradually reassembles and aligns towards creative collaboration, mutual respect and inspired problem solving. 

Cancer, Jun 23 – Jul 23

When this week’s full moon brightens our skies on 26 January, its symbolic illumination in your own life highlights the need to get certain things out of your system. Though with egos on parade and outspoken Jupiter opposing secretive Pluto, you’ll need to choose your words carefully.

Leo, Jul 24 – Aug 23

When annual full moon beams its loud, proud spotlight on 26 January, your majesty’s script is likely to require crafting a working balance between giving and receiving, between solo operating and the collective. So consider your way of shining: how does it reflect on others?  

Virgo, Aug 24 – Sep 23

This week’s empowering planetary sync-up of motivator Mars and innovative Uranus in fellow earth signs supports out-of-the-box thinking and decisive action. It also suggests that savvy financial strategies set up between now and midyear are likely to bloom from June onwards. 

Libra, Sep 24 – Oct 23

When your cosmic compass Venus moves this week into the sign of ambition, prestige and success, it’s time to let go of any past disappointments holding you back. Venus is suggesting that partnering up could achieve something profitable, so it’s worthwhile considering a strategic alliance.

Scorpio, Oct 24 – Nov 22

In this time of deep divides when the goalposts keep shifting, Mercury is currently emphasizing that real communication is an exchange of ideas, energy and resources, while full moon on 26 January asks is it time to share with others what you may once have kept to yourself? 

Sagittarius, Nov 23 – Dec 21

Networking is your smartest economic strategy this year, during which the hard sell is likely to be significantly less successful than the softer variety. If current circumstances are propelling you out of your usual groove, then relish the creativity that arises when you’re painted into a corner. 

Capricorn, Dec 22 – Jan 20

Uranus shifting direction in the sign of material security has quite disruptive potential this week, and the celestial trio of Venus, Mars and Mercury in Capricorn suggest the best methods of staying in balance would be reducing screen time, using your creative talents and connecting with nature.

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