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How to turn your spare time into spare change with a side hustle

There's a side hustle for everyone.

A little extra cash is something we all want, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to do it. Whether you’re saving up for a holiday, paying off debts or simply just want a few extra dollars in the bank, there’s a tonne of ways to earn money on the side of your regular 9-5. Here’s five side hustle ideas that you can do from the comfort of your couch or on the weekends.

Clear out your wardrobe

According to The Nanny costume designer, Brenda Cooper, we only wear 60 per cent of the clothes in our wardrobe. That means there’s a whopping 40 per cent of clothes in your wardrobe that are unused and could be turned into revenue.

An easy way to make money on the side is selling clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer need. This kills two birds with one stone. Not only are you decluttering your wardrobe, but you’ll be making money from your clothes at the same time. 

Apps like Depop, Vestiaire as well as Ebay are great places to sell your clothes – and the best part is, you can do it all from the comfort of your couch. 

Flip things around the house

Whilst we’re on the topic of decluttering wardrobes, why not look around the house for other things to declutter? Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic way to sell unwanted bits and bobs around the house. 

Whether it’s old furniture, clothes, cameras or even vinyl – selling things from around the house on Facebook Marketplace can earn you a few extra dollars for minimal effort. 

If you’re extra handy, you can even try flipping furniture for a profit.

Unleash your creative side

Do you have a creative flair, or a knack for crafts? Then why not try your hand at selling crafts online? 

If you’re an avid knitter, or a crafty jewellery maker, you could turn these hobbies into extra cash on the side by selling your creations on Etsy.

Sell your skills

Side hustle ideas don’t need to centre around crafting and creativity. Instead, you might be able to put a mean spreadsheet together or you’re a grammar expert who can spot a faux pas a mile away. 

If this is your bread and butter, you can get paid to do these things in your free time from the comfort of your home. Websites like Fiverr and Airtasker will pay you for things like proofreading, editing, graphic design and a tonne of other skills.

Community-based side hustles

If you don’t want to venture online, you can make money in and around your local community, too. 

You can earn a few extra dollars for traditional tasks like babysitting, pet walking and house sitting. You could also pick up some extra cash from other community-centric jobs like refereeing local sport, casual tutoring or even delivery driving.

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