Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s 2024 Olympic Athletics Team

Since its inception, the Olympic Games have been held every four years.

The Games bring together the world’s finest athletes to compete across a wide range of sports, fostering a spirit of global unity and sporting excellence.

And one of the most anticipated and historically rich components of the Olympics is athletics, which encompasses a variety of track and field events – including sprints, middle and long-distance races, hurdles, relays, jumps, throws, and combined events like the decathlon and heptathlon.

members of the australian athletics 2024 olympics team

As the world turns its eyes to Paris for the 2024 Olympics, Australia’s athletics team is preparing to make its mark… So, here’s what you need to know.

Who’s on the Australian Olympics team for athletics this year?

  • Abbey Caldwell (800m)
  • Brett Robinson (Marathon)
  • Chris Mitrevski (Long Jump)
  • Claudia Hollingsworth (800m)
  • Eleanor Patterson (High Jump)
  • Genevieve Gregson (Marathon)
  • Jemima Montag (20km Walk)
  • Jessica Hull (1500m)
  • Jessica Stenson (Marathon)
  • Kyle Swan (20km Walk)
  • Lauren Ryan (10,000m)
  • Liam Adams (Marathon)
  • Matthew Denny (Discus Throw)
  • Michelle Jenneke (100m Hurdles)
  • Nicola Olyslagers (High Jump)
  • Patrick Tiernan (Marathon)
  • Peter Bol (800m)
  • Rebecca Henderson (20km Walk)
  • Rhydian Cowley (20km Walk)
  • Sinead Diver (Marathon)

How is Australia doing at the Paris 2024 Olympics in athletics?

Watch this space for this year’s results.

members of the australian athletics 2024 olympics team

How many Olympic medals has Australia won previously for athletics?

Athletics is Australia’s second most successful Olympic sport after swimming; so far, we have won 76 Olympic medals for athletics. This is made up of 21 Gold, 27 Silver, and 28 Bronze.

Some of the most notable wins Australia has had in athletics at the Olympics include:

  • Edwin Flack winning the men’s 800m at the 1896 Athens Games and becoming Australia’s first ever Gold medallist.
  • Marjorie Jackson taking home two Gold medals at the 1952 Helsinki Games for the women’s 100m and 200m.
  • Cathy Freeman winning the women’s 400m at the 2000 Sydney Games, making her the first Australian Aboriginal person to ever win an individual Olympic Gold medal.

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