Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s 2024 Olympic Basketball Team

The Olympic Games are once again upon us and basketball is one of the most popular and widely watched events.

First introduced to the Olympic program at the1936 Berlin Games, basketball – a fast-paced, team-oriented sport that demands coordination, strategy, and endurance – has seen significant evolution over the decades, with advancements in training, strategy, and international talent contributing to its dynamic nature.

Ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, meet the Australian basketball teams.

Who is in the Australian Olympic basketball team?

The women’s team (nicknamed the Opals), the men’s team (nicknamed the Boomers) and Australia’s first ever Olympic 3×3 basketball team (nicknamed the Gangurrus) all qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics!

On the women’s team, the Opals, are:

some members of the australian basketball team for the 2024 olympics
  • Rebecca Allen
  • Ezi Magbegor
  • Isobel Borlase
  • Alanna Smith
  • Cayla George
  • Steph Talbot
  • Lauren Jackson
  • Marianna Tolo
  • Tess Madgen
  • Kristy Wallace
  • Jade Melbourne
  • Sami Whitcomb

On the men’s team, the Boomers, are:

  • Dyson Daniels
  • Nick Kay
  • Matthew Dellavedova
  • Jock Landale
  • Dante Exum
  • Will Magnay
  • Josh Giddey
  • Jack McVeigh
  • Josh Green
  • Patty Mills
  • Joe Ingles
  • Duop Reath

And on the 3×3 team, the Gangurrus, are:

some members of the australian basketball team for the 2024 olympics
  • Anneli Maley
  • Lauren Mansfield
  • Marena Whittle
  • Alex Wilson

How is Australia doing at the Paris 2024 Olympics in basketball?

Watch this space for this year’s results.

How many Olympic medals has Australia won previously for basketball?

Sadly, Australia has never won a Gold medal for basketball. We have won 3 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals though.

At the 1996 Atlanta Games, the women’s team won Bronze. Then at the 2000 Sydney Games, the 2004 Athens Games and the 2008 Beijing Games, the women’s team won Silver.

The women’s basketball team also won Bronze at the 2012 London Games while the men’s basketball team won Bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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