Jess Rowe reveals an exciting new “not so crap” career venture

The self-confessed 'Crap Housewife' has curated a must-have for any busy family!
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Jessica Rowe has many strings to her bow: journalism, TV presenting, podcast hosting, mothering… the list goes on! So you wouldn’t have expected the charismatic media personality to announce this latest venture.

Jess can now list ‘cookbook author’ at the top of her résumé as January 31st has seen the release of ‘Everyday “Not-So-Crap” Family Meals‘ – a cookbook that she’s produced in partnership with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

But this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill cookbook. Like everything she does, there’s a special Jess Rowe twist on the publication.

You can buy Jessica Rowe’s cookbook here!

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Jess has teamed up with The Weekly to help you enjoy more family time at the dinner table and spend less time in the kitchen.

This different kind of cookbook is full of simple recipes that are perfect for anyone who wants to bring joy into the kitchen whilst also combating the never ending question of ‘what’s for dinner?’, with plenty of cooking hacks, plus recipes that have been crafted with a busy family in mind.

The main message of this book: you don’t need to be gourmet chef to whip up a delicious meal for the family.

Jessica Rowe has collaborated with The Australian Women’s Weekly for a new no-fuss cookbook.

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The self confessed (and proud!) ‘Crap Housewife’ says: “I’ve never been a domestic goddess. The smoke alarm goes off when I cook! I’m a huge fan of sauces that come in jars and microwave rice and that’s why this cookbook has everyday meals that are full of heart with lots of shortcuts.”

Buy Everyday Not-So-Crap Family Meals from Booktopia here!

Get a selection of the recipes in Jessica Rowe’s cookbook in the February issue of issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly – on sale now.

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