EXCLUSIVE: Candice Warner reveals who she thinks will win I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The ironwoman also shares what the hardest challenge she faced in the jungle was.

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Here! Australia eliminations are now well underway.

The second person to be booted from the jungle was Candice Warner, who, despite her short time on I’m A Celeb, certainly left an impression on both contestants and viewers alike.

For instance, Candice endured icy cold plunges, braved terrifying heights and withstood snakes slithering all over her face.

Not to mention, she was at the centre of the whole contraband lip gloss debacle with Skye Wheatley.

And so, as soon as she was eliminated from I’m A Celeb, The Weekly spoke to Candice to discuss everything she experienced in the jungle…

Read our full I’m A Celeb interview with Candice Warner below:

The Weekly: What was the best thing you experienced in the I’m A Celeb jungle?

Candice: The best thing is, look, there’s so many highlights… But I think just how many belly, like, proper belly laughs I had. I haven’t had that in so long. And just getting to know everyone and being vulnerable and laughing at one another and not taking yourself so seriously; I think that was just really refreshing for me and everyone else in the jungle.

What was the hardest challenge to get through?
Candice Warner I'm A Celeb

The hardest challenge? You know, there’s a few things. Obviously, the trials were very difficult for me. The snakes. Snakes are my phobia; I thought it was just a fear going into the jungle because I’ve never really been confronted with a snake before. But when I got there, it just kind of took over me; I struggled to breathe. So, that was difficult.

But then, you know, being away from loved ones and your kids and having so much downtime to think, ‘Are they okay? Is my husband or girls alright?’ Yeah, that downtime was also incredibly difficult.

You obviously had a little bit of conflict with Skye over the whole lip gloss debacle but then resolved it; would you say you two are on good terms now?

Oh, without a doubt. We were on good terms, I would say, an hour or two hours after the start of the incident. And we both know we probably overreacted. But it just goes to show, we all value different things and it doesn’t mean that it’s worth anything less. We all are different and we have to respect one another and, you know, there’s nothing like changing the dunny to get a friendship back on track [laughs] and that’s what we did. And, you know, our friendship continues to blossom and I’m really looking forward to continuing that friendship on the outside.

Who do you think will win I’m A Celeb this year?

Oh, look, it’s so difficult. It could be absolutely anyone. Everyone’s such strong contenders and so many people have different fan bases. So look, I think Callum is going to win but I would love to see Peter Daicos win.

Did you get to pick your exit meal? We’ve seen many fans voice online that they couldn’t believe you didn’t eat the hot chips.

So, before we went in they said pick some of your favourite food and I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I don’t know; I do love a good steak.’ So, the fact that I got the steak and the mushrooms was incredible.

But you know if you go to the pub, you usually get steak and chips but I have a new year’s resolution with my daughters that I won’t have any chips this year. So, it took all my strength not to eat one, especially when they were crunchy on the outside and had lots of salt. But when you make a promise to someone, you stick to it. It was very difficult not to eat them though; I said straightaway, ‘You’re going to have to take them away from me before I just absolutely go to town on them.’ But the steak was awesome.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home? Aside from hugging your husband and children?

Well, actually I’m going straight to India after this to be with my family, so I’m going to go and watch a few cricket matches that Dave’s playing in to support him. And I’ll just enjoy the school holidays with the family and, hopefully, eat some beautiful Indian food. But I’ll be saying no to the rice and beans [laughs].

During your time on I’m A Celeb, you bravely opened up about the mental health struggles you went through as a result of the online scrutiny you faced after that infamous moment you shared with Sonny Bill Williams. Is that why you chose Dolly’s Dream Australia as your charity?

Yeah, absolutely. I was always someone that struggled to open up and, you know, I didn’t ever want to be a burden on my parents. I didn’t want anyone to worry about me. So, I always kept my emotions in and I thought by doing that I was being brave and strong. But you get to the point where you can’t take much more and you start to contemplate things that you know are very unhealthy.

So, when I first heard about Dolly Everett and her story, it definitely was very touching and it’s a charity that I’ve always admired for the work that they do. So, you know, the great thing about Dolly’s dream is that they’re committed to changing the culture of bullying by addressing the effects of, not just bullying, but anxiety, depression and youth suicide – and they do such a fantastic job in that area.

They have a 24/7 chat line, they have a cyber safety app, they do school visits, they – it’s not just about the person who is suffering either but it’s also about educating and helping the families with what to say and what not to say; what signs to look out for. They do such a fantastic job and on May 10 it’s Do It For Dolly Day. So while unfortunately, I couldn’t win the money for them, I hope I’ve raised awareness and I hope that on May 10, everyone wears blue and supports the charity because they really do such fantastic work.

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