Ahead of her 52nd birthday, Jennifer Garner says “ageing is a gift”

The actress also gave the advice, “Take care of yourself, but don’t be scared,” to young women.

Jennifer Garner has opened up about ageing – and to the 51-year-old actress, it’s a “gift”.

Ahead of her 52nd birthday, Jennifer shared with People that while she definitely has some “moments” of insecurity, for the most part she’s pretty thankful.

“Honestly, mostly, I am grateful just to be alive,” she said.

“And I’m grateful for the wisdom that I’ve gleaned out of these years and really grateful to be able to watch other women go through this process of life so gracefully.”

jennifer garner ageing
Jennifer Garner says she’s “grateful just to be alive”.

The Suddenly 30 star then added that she tries “to follow in their footsteps and tell other young women, ‘Take care of yourself, but don’t be scared. Ageing is a gift.’”

Jennifer went on to talk through her self-care routine, admitting she exercises “every day”.

“It’s super important for my mental health,” the mother-of-three explained before adding:

jennifer garner ageing
The actress opened up about ageing ahead of her 52nd birthday.

“I [also] eat really well. I just finished a big bowl of kale. And I have a really strong family and strong relationships in my life.”

Of course, no healthy lifestyle is perfect without balance – which is why Jennifer allows herself to have “down days.”

“I don’t try to be Pollyanna all the time. I’m gentle with myself.”

When asked how she’s planning to celebrate her birthday this year, Jennifer said she simply wants to give back.

jennifer garner and son
Jennifer (pictured here with her son Samuel Garner Affleck) also says she has a “really strong family”.

“Every year I do something that I love to include people in; that feeds me. Last year I went to a park in LA and planted trees with my kids. One year we loaded backpacks up to give kids food to take home with them after school.

“I know what I’m going to do this year, and it’s coming together,” Jennifer added.

“To me that day is about: How am I going to look outside of myself? How am I giving back to the world that gives me so much?”

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