All the celebrities who have children that are literal doppelgangers

Talk about spitting images!
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Most celebrities are undeniably good looking; but the general public often wonders whether genetics or pricey cosmetic procedures are responsible for these good looks.

Of course, most celebs have likely had some minor work done, not to mention that they can afford professional nutritionists and personal trainers to be at their beck and call. But, with that being said, clearly some genetics come into play too.

Case in point: there’s an abundance of celebrities who have children that look just like them. In some cases, the similarities are eerily similar.

Read on to see all the celebs who have kids that could almost pass for a twin rather than a child…

(Credit: (Image: Instagram/Twitter))


Jennifer Garner and daughter, Violet Affleck.

When photos of Violet Affleck (pictured right) at a party with her dad Ben Affleck and stepmother Jennifer Lopez emerged online in July 2023, fans couldn’t help but notice how much Violet resembles her mother – and Ben’s ex – Jennifer Garner (pictured right). “Ben Affleck’s daughter is LITERALLY her mother’s (Jennifer Garner) twin,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Reese Witherspoon and daughter, Ava Phillippe

Like mother, like daughter! There’s no denying that Reese’s eldest child is a serious chip off the old block, at least looks-wise. Ava has the same shade of blonde hair as her mum and shares many similar facial traits.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))


Uma Thurman and daughter, Maya Hawke

When Maya Hawke rose to fame thanks to her role as Robin on Stranger Things, fans couldn’t initially figure out why she seemed so familiar. Of course, they quickly figured out that Maya is the daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, and looks (and sounds) exactly like Uma!

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Cindy Crawford and daughter, Kaia Gerber

We swear this entire list isn’t just mothers and daughters! But Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber (who has also become a model, just like her mum!) is the serious spitting image of Cindy.

(Credit: (Image: Instagram))


Victoria Beckham and son, Romeo Beckham

When Victoria Beckham shared an image of her and David Beckham’s son Romeo and daughter Harper to Instagram in September 2020, fans immediately pointed out how much Romeo looked like her. “Romeo looks like you,” one fan commented while another said, “He is your double!”

(Credit: (Image: Getty))


Goldie Hawn and daughter, Kate Hudson

For decades, Kate Hudson has been likened to a younger Goldie Hawn AKA her mum. The mother and daughter both have gorgeous blonde hair, very similar traits and that same infectious, cheeky attitude.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))


Clint Eastwood and son, Scott Eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott – who you may recognise from Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video – is just like his father when it comes to looks. Many fans have pointed out over the years that Scott has the same rugged handsomeness his father possesses – and we have to agree!

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