The sweetest moments Michelle Bridges has shared with her son Axel

We love this mother-son duo!

Michelle Bridges may be known for her love of all things health and fitness but there’s one thing she loves more than staying in shape: her family.

To be more specific, we’re talking about Michelle’s only child, Axel.

It’s evident just by looking at the celebrity trainer’s Instagram that her number one goal is to make Axel happy.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Michelle’s son as well as to see the sweetest moments they’ve shared…

How many children does Michelle Bridges have?

As mentioned above, Michelle has one child: a son named Axel. Michelle gave birth to Axel on December 19 in 2015.

Who is the father of Michelle Bridges’ baby?

Michelle shares her son with her ex-partner and fellow celebrity trainer Steve Willis (also known as Commando Steve). The couple were together from 2012 to 2020 but now that they’ve separated, they co-parent Axel.

“50 per cent of the population are co-parenting, it seems. It’s a real balancing act. But in my world, the sentence should always start with, ‘In Axel’s best interests,’” she told The Weekly recently.

“I’m getting better with practice. When it’s early days everybody is still tender but as you progress you become more attuned to what [Axel’s] needs are. And what he needs is both his mum and dad in his life. He needs to see both his mum and dad working together.”

How old was Michelle Bridges when she had her first child?

Michelle was 45-years-old when she welcomed Axel into the world.

Here are the sweetest moments they’ve shared over the years:


In February, right before she headed to the I’m A Celeb jungle, Michelle shared this sweet photo of her and Axel, and paired it with John Lennon’s song Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy).


For her 53rd birthday in October 2023, Michelle celebrated with Axel (of course) and her mum Maureen.


The mother and son duo clearly had some fun in the city in September 2023.


In July 2023, Michelle took Axel on a ski trip. “Being active with this one is what dreams are made of! We’re so buggered from our first day we are already in bed (6.30pm) snuggling, watching funny cat videos and laughing our heads off,” she wrote on Instagram.


“The best day of my life was the day you, my moo, arrived. Happy birthday sweet boy. Love you forever,” Michelle shared in honour of Axel’s 7th birthday in 2022.


In May 2022, Michelle penned a tribute to single parents everywhere as the Instagram caption for this lovely snap. “To all the single carers! We do it all. We do the yards, because we want to. Homework, swimming, judo, uniforms, stories, covering books, driving to and fro, we LOVE them. You got this,” she wrote.

michelle bridges family


Michelle is obviously passing her love of working out onto her son…

michelle bridges family


“My world,” Michelle wrote to accompany this adorable picture she posted in March 2021.

michelle bridges family


Little Axel – circa September 2020 – holding a puppy is too cute to handle!

michelle bridges family


There’s no doubt Axel inherited his mother’s eyes!

michelle bridges family


For Mother’s Day 2016, Michelle shared a snap of her and Axel just chilling.

michelle bridges family


To introduce Axel to the world, Michelle did a photoshoot with none other than The Weekly. In fact, she and Axel were the cover stars of our February 2016 issue.

michelle bridges family

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