Practical Magic is officially getting a sequel, with both Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman set to return

The cult classic was released 26 years ago…

Put the lime in the coconut and make some midnight margaritas; there’s officially going to be a Practical Magic 2!

Warner Bros. announced on June 10 that they’re currently working on a sequel to the 1998 cult-classic.

But that’s not the only exciting news; both Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are in talks to return!

The pair, who now both have a Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar apiece, starred in Practical Magic as the Owens sisters, Sally and Gillian.

The original film, based on the book of the same name by Alice Hoffman, follows Sally (played by Sandra) and Gillian (played by Nicole) as they deal with their family curse – any man an Owens woman falls in love with is doomed to die.

a still from practical magic

At this stage, only limited details have been released about Practical Magic 2.

Akiva Goldsman, of The Da Vinci Code fame and who wrote the first Practical Magic, will write the screenplay for the Practical Magic sequel and Denise Di Novi, of Little Women fame and who produced the first Practical Magic, will produce.

It’s likely that Sandra and Nicole will produce the Practical Magic sequel too.

In terms of plot, we think Practical Magic 2 may be inspired by the Alice Hoffman novel The Book of Magic – in it, Sally and Gillian try to save the man Sally’s now grown up daughter loves from the Owens curse – but nothing’s been confirmed as of yet.

a still from practical magic

Back in 2019, HBO Max was developing a Practical Magic spinoff series that was going to be based on Alice’s prequel Practical Magic book, Rules of Magic, but production halted for unknown reasons.

Perhaps if the Practical Magic sequel is a success, the Rules of Magic series adaptation might go back into development… Fingers crossed!

Watch this space for a release date for Practical Magic 2 and whether other original cast members like Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest sign on for the sequel.

In the meantime, we’ll be throwing spilt salt over our left shoulder, keeping rosemary by our garden gate, planting lavender for luck, and falling in love whenever we can…

You can stream Practical Magic now on Stan and buy Practical Magic, The Book of Magic and Rules of Magic, all by Alice Hoffman, from Amazon, Booktopia, and/or Dymocks.

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