The royal family is set to open Balmoral Castle to the public

For the first time since 1855…

The royal family’s beloved Scottish residence Balmoral Castle is set to be open to the public later this year thanks to a new Castle Interior Tour.

From July 1 to August 4, guided tours of the castle’s interior will take visitors into two dining rooms, the drawing room, the page’s lobby and the red corridor – where King Charles recently met with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The tours will also go through the ballroom, which will feature a collection of watercolours painted by Charles as well as a selection of outfits previously worn by Charles, Queen Camilla, the late Queen Elizabeth II and the late Queen Mother.

These upcoming tours will mark the first time members of the public have been granted access to the interior of Balmoral Castle since the structure’s completion in 1855.

a young prince william, king charles and prince harry

However, if you’re thinking of getting tickets for the Castle Interior Tour, they’re already gone – they were snapped up just as quickly as tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour were.

You can still get tickets to visit the grounds, gardens and exhibitions though.

What is so special about Balmoral Castle?

Balmoral Castle, located in the Scottish Highlands, was first bought by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1852.

Since then, the estate and castle has been enjoyed by various members of the royal family.

balmoral castle

In fact, as she spent most of her summers residing there, Balmoral Castle was considered the late Queen Elizabeth’s favourite residence.

Queen Elizabeth actually passed away while at Balmoral, making her the first monarch to die there and the first monarch to die in Scotland since James V, King of Scotland, died at Falkland Place in 1542.

Furthermore, Balmoral Castle is also considered special as it’s not only home to the British royal family, it’s home to an endangered species of red squirrels.

Can you go inside Balmoral Castle?

In 2024, members of the public who were lucky enough to get a Castle Interior Tour ticket will be able to go inside.

queen elizabeth at balmoral castle

The tours, set for July, will mark the first time civilians have been allowed inside the royal residence since 1855.

How much does it cost to go to Balmoral Castle?

Before they sold out, tickets to the Castle Interior Tour started at £100 (roughly AU$193).

Tickets to access Balmoral Castle’s grounds, gardens and exhibitions start at £17.50 (roughly AU$33).

Who owns Balmoral Castle?

The castle is not part of the Crown Estate; it is the private property of the monarch. So, right now, it is owned by King Charles.

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