Queen Margrethe to ride in historic carriage for the final procession of her reign

And Crown Prince Frederik will use it for his first procession as King.

For the final procession of her reign, Queen Margrethe II will travel in an historic carriage.

On January 14, the day Queen Margrethe officially abdicates, her son Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary will be crowned King and Queen Consort of Denmark.

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And the ceremony, which is not technically a coronation but rather a proclamation, is set to take place at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Her Majesty will travel to Christiansborg Castle in the ‘Golden Wedding’ carriage, made at the end of the 19th century to mark the 50th anniversary of the marriage of King Christian IX and Queen Louise.

Covered in black mahogany and with the Danish royal coat of arms on both doors, the carriage took nine months to build in late 1891 and early 1892.

Upholstered in white silk and featuring the names, arms and crowns of Christian IX and Louise on the inside, the carriage was created by master craftsmen of the city, F.C Schulz of Copenhagen, as a gift for Christian and Louise’s golden wedding on May 26, 1892 – hence the name.

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The Golden Wedding carriage also features the Danish coat of arms on the high, outer coachman’s seat, which is covered in red velvet and adorned with gold tassels.

It’s absolutely heartwarming that Christian and Louise’s great, great granddaughter Queen Margrethe will be using the carriage for her final procession as monarch.

Furthermore, the carriage will also be used for Frederik’s first procession as King; once he and Mary are crowned as King Frederik X and Queen Mary, they will ride through the streets of Copenhagen in the Golden Wedding carriage.

Both carriage processions will be accompanied by the Horse Squadron of the Guard Hussar Regiment.

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