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Stunning new photos released of Princess Catherine and children – but did you notice this detail?

The gorgeous photos of Princess Catherine and her three youngins reveals the way Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis feel about their mother.
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To mark Mother’s Day – which is celebrated in March in the UK – The Prince and Princess of Wales have shared some sweet family pictures on their official Instagram account.

One of the two images shows Catherine, Princess of Wales, with her three children; Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis sitting in a tree.

Dressed casually, both mother and children are giving off radiant smiles.

A photo worth framing.

(Credit: (Image: The Prince and Princess of Wales/Matt Porteous))

In the other photograph that royal fans were treated to, Catherine is seen smiling as she holds little Louis in her arms.

Along with the two photos, the post on the official Instagram page of Prince and Princess of Wales was captioned with, “Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours ❤️”.

But whilst the photos, at a glance, are seen as beautiful family photos, a body language expert has examined the photos and made some observations, telling The Daily Mail about the detail you may have missed at first look.

Four-year-old Prince Louis is starting to get too big to be cradled by mum all the time!

(Credit: (Image: The Prince and Princess of Wales/Matt Porteous))

Body language expert Judi James made the observation that the children, particularly the two boys, displayed outward feelings of “protection”.

“It’s the children that have adopted the more protective-looking poses around (Catherine), George leans in with his torso, which is slightly in front of Kate’s, and the way he puts his leg out in front of her hints at a desire to protect.

“Even little Louis seems to want to show how much he cherishes and protects his mum… he has stretched one arm out across Kate’s torso, with his hand on her knee,” James said about the two young Prince’s body language.

WATCH: Princess Diana and Princess Catherine’s precious parenting moments (Article continues after video.)

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The expert also observed that Princess Charlotte could consider her mother a role model, because of the “mimicry of her mother’s pose.”

Whilst the photos have just been newly released, they were actually taken on the same day that the family shot their Christmas card photo in 2022.

The heart-warming snaps were taken by Matt Porteous – the same photographer who also took Kate and Wills’ 2021 Christmas card photo and George’s fifth birthday portrait – at the Sandringham Estate.

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