Anyone for tennis? The best royal box moments from Wimbledon

The royal box at Wimbledon is much better than a box of chocolates... And you never know who you'll get!
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As Kate Middleton describes it, “Wimbledon is a quintessential part of the English summer.”

And guys, the sun is shining bright, the Pimms is flowing and it’s time for some good-old fashioned tennis!

As Wimbledon 2022 kicks off, anticipation for a revered royal sighting is at an all time high.

As the royal patron of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will no doubt make an appearance and whilst she’s a lifelong fan of the sport, she’s not the only member of The Firm to enjoy a spot of tennis.

Given that Wimbledon is the perfect place for all our favourite royals to show off their fashion flare teamed with some of the funniest facial expressions, we thought it high time to round up some of the best regal appearances we’ve seen there over the years.

Keep scrolling and take a grand slam step back in time with us to check out the best British Royal Family moments in the royal box!

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In 2021, Catherine and her father Michael Middleton took part in a Mexican wave as they watched the final of the Gentlemen’s Wheelchair Singles.

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She and husband Prince William also enjoyed a laugh as they watched Ash Barty’s win the Women’s Singles Final that same year.

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In a moment that left us fashion-fantatics giddy with glee, Kate Middleton’s 2019 Wimbledon appearance on day two featured a rather apt nod to the talented players on the court. Always one to follow the royal rule book, Kate’s white shirt dress was well aligned with the infamous on-court dress code.

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Three of our favourite fashion icons: The Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex and Pippa Middleton sat in the Royal Box together in 2019.

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And who could forget Meghan Markle and Kate’s 2018 debut?!

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Even before she became a Duchess, Meghan Markle, pictured in July 2016 just months before the world found out about her romance with Prince Harry, was a huge tennis fan. This year, she’ll have the privilege of getting to sit in the royal box!

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Kate, pictured in 2012, may think Wimbledon is a quintessential part of the English summer… But the Duchess is a quintessential part of the tennis competition!

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In 2018 she showcased her brand new short ‘do… And we think it’s an absolute grand slam.

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The Duke and Duchess sure know how to give good face. Here they are looking perplexed in 2014.

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The look you get when you know you’re the king and queen of court-side fashion.

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While many may focus on the on match… The future Queen gives us giggles in spades with her hilarious expressions.

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We’re going to guess that poker isn’t your strong suit.

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Giggles between these love birds.

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Princess Diana was a vision back in 1993 where she saw Pete Sampras take out the title.

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Seems like laughter to being bemused is a royal box requirement.

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Prince Albert of Monaco and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

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We much prefer her with Prince William.

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The royal mum shows us how to give a royal wave.

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And Wills seems to have mastered it… Despite Kate’s confusion.

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“Growing up I, sort of, watched, obviously watched Wimbledon, it’s been very much part of my family growing up,” Kate, pictured in 2007, told the BBC

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Kate Middleton (L: 2008) to Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (R: 2011).

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“It hasn’t changed either, I think that’s what’s so wonderful. You know everyone’s still there in their whites, Wimbledon still looks as amazing as it did as I remember it as a youngster.”

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Of course Her Majesty has reigned the grass-adorned courts.

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[L] In 1957 the Queen awarded the Wimbledon trophy to Alethea Gibson – the very first African American to take out the singles comp. [R] 20 years later, in 1977 she presented British tennis player Virginia Wade with her shield.

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Her Majesty doesn’t seem that fussed over Andy Murray…

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Roger Federer on the other hand…

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And Prince Charles seems to feel the same as his mama.

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Catching a game in 1970.

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Looking oh so chic in 2015.

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That year Duchess Camilla made a new friend.

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Who can forget our favourite Countess, Sophie of Wessex!

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Ahhh Wimbledon… You fill our hearts with joy, here’s to another great year!

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