Inside the close relationship Ada Nicodemou shares with her family

The actress is a proud mum and aunty!

Ada Nicodemou, a beloved fixture on Australian television best known for her long-standing role as Leah Patterson on Home and Away, is also a devoted mother and aunty.

The actress married Chrys Xipolitas in 2007, and the couple experienced the joy of parenthood with the birth of their son, Johnas, in August 2012.

Sadly, Ada and Chrys heartbreakingly lost their second child Harrison in 2014, after he was delivered stillborn, an experience that Ada has spoken candidly about in interviews.

“Life will never be the same again; there will obviously be a hole in your heart. We will always remember that child and what could have been,” Ada told Stellar Magazine in 2019.

As a result of the loss, Ada and Chrys ended up separating in 2015.

However, Ada has continued to thrive as a single mother to Johnas and frequently shares glimpses of her life with her son (as well as her nieces Sofia and Micaela) through social media.

Read on to see the sweetest moments Ada Nicodemou has shared with her family in the past year…


In May 2024, Ada shared a sweet image of her niece’s christening. “Where does the time go?! Throwback to my beautiful Sofia’s christening 3 years ago,” she wrote.


To promote her book Mia Megastar in February 2024, Ada posted an adorable snap of her and Johnas.


Ada is clearly a proud aunty! “My little Micaela I can’t get enough of holding you,” she captioned this lovely picture in February 2024.


To celebrate her niece Sofia’s third birthday in January 2024, Ada shared several cute snaps – including this one!


In December 2023, Ada shared a heartwarming photo of Johnas cuddling his baby cousin.

Ada Nicodemou family


Ada shared some exciting news in November 2023. “I’m officially in love again! I’ve become an aunt for the second time, our gorgeous little Micaela has just taken my breath away, literally couldn’t take my eyes off her, she’s the most adorable little girl.”

Ada Nicodemou family


In October 2023, Ada and Johnas had a fun “mum and son day”.

Ada Nicodemou family


In honour of Johnas’ birthday in August 2023, Ada penned a sweet tribute. “Happy birthday my beautiful boy. So so proud of you, love you to bits and LOVED spending time together away, you’re my light and my heart.”

Ada Nicodemou family


Ada shared the cutest throwback photo of her and Johnas in February 2023. What a cutie!

Ada Nicodemou family

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