Does Princess Isabella look most like Crown Princess Mary or Crown Prince Frederik?

The teen has her mum's beauty and dad's eyes.
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The Danish public were delighted when Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik’s eldest daughter, Princess Isabella, began attending more royal engagements in 2022 – though her appearances sparked plenty of debate.

As she grows into a young women, royal fans are divided over which of her parents Isabella most resembles and the debate resurfaces every time new photos emerge of the royal.

The 15-year-old royal first stepped out with Queen Margrethe of Denmark in preparation for her religious confirmation in April and looked every part a princess.

Royal watchers are divided over which of her parents Isabella most resembles.

(Credit: (Image: Danish Royal Family Instagram / Getty))

With her dark hair and fair complexion, there’s no denying that she bears a clear resemblance to her mother Mary.

In fact, Isabella even seems to smile in the same coy way and has been known to borrow from her mother’s wardrobe on multiple occasions, only enhancing the similarities.

But royal fans seem to agree that it’s Prince Frederik that Isabella really takes after, inheriting the same facial features, including his captivating blue eyes.

The similarities between the young princess and her father were only more obvious when he stood by her side on the day of her confirmation in 2022.

There’s no denying Isabella has a very similar facial structure to her father’s.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

“Her face is so much like her dad’s, but she definitely has Mary’s smile,” one royal fan commented on photos from the special occasion.

But more recent photos have shown that many of the features Isabella inherited from her mother are growing more prominent as the teen becomes a woman.

Her rosy apply cheeks and defined lips are almost identical to Mary’s, as is her soft jaw and the shape of her chin.

Don’t believe us? See the most recent photos – as well as some family throwbacks – below and decide for yourself.

Who does Princess Isabella most resemble?

As a child it was immediately obvious that Isabella took after her father, pictured here as a young boy.

(Credit: (Image: Getty))

But the similarities between her and Mary were undeniable in portraits released for her 15th birthday.

(Credit: (Image: Danish Royal Family/Getty))

Just look at this lookalike mother-daughter duo.

(Credit: (Image: Danish Royal Family/Getty))

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