Five international holiday spots that won’t break the bank

Who needs Euro Summer when we have these incredible destinations within reach?
affordable holiday destinations

We often think that in order to go on an adventurous or relaxing holiday, we need to be spending thousands of dollars. However, this simply isn’t true. Australia is lucky to be in close proximity to a number of affordable holiday destinations both domestically and internationally. Here’s some of the most holiday spots that won’t hurt your wallet.

Kabukicho red light district, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan



Japan is a holiday destination that has infinitely risen in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. Not only is it a culturally enriching destination, it’s also very affordable.

From Tokyo to Kyoto, many of Japan’s attractions like shrines, temples and gardens are generally free admission which means you won’t be spending lots of money on sightseeing like you would be elsewhere. Similarly, the Australian dollar currently has a much better exchange rate with the Japanese Yen than America, the UK and European countries’ currencies making Japan a budget-friendly choice.


New Zealand

If you’re itching for an international holiday but you don’t want to go too far, or spend too much, New Zealand should be top of your list. Just a three hour flight from the east coast of Australia, New Zealand is bursting with action-packed adventures like road trips, skiing, bungee jumping and sailing. If you’re more of a foodie, then you’ll be delighted with the abundance of wineries and suave dining spots. The best part is that you can always be sure to find a good flight deal across the pond and the exchange rates between our currencies make a trip to New Zealand a viably affordable holiday.



Boasting endless crystal clear waters and lush rainforests amongst a stunning tropical backdrop, Fiji is the ultimate place to explore and relax. Lucky for Australians, the dreamy South Pacific island is within close proximity and is generally affordable to get flights too.


South Korea

South Korea is another country that has been rising favourably among international tourist’s wish lists of travel destinations. Like Japan, South Korea has an abundance of shrines, temples and gardens which are generally free admission. Moreover, the country has an excellent public transport network meaning you won’t have to hire a car or fork out for costly Ubers.



Though it’s further than most of the other spots on this list, Vietnam is bursting with culture, history and excellent food – and it’s also one of the best affordable holiday destinations. Whilst Vietnam has affordable accommodation and flights, it also has some of the most delicious, fresh and budget-friendly food you’ll find in your travels.

You’ll be able to gorge on the bold and fresh taste of Vietnamese street cuisine without breaking the bank.

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