All the best yoga retreats in Australia

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yoga retreats

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, moments of tranquillity can be far and few between. But if you’re looking for a break in monotony and to brush up on your yoga prowess, then these yoga retreats could be perfect for you.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about yoga retreats and where some of the best getaways are around Australia.

What is a yoga retreat?

Unlike a regular yoga class, a yoga retreat is a purposeful getaway which combines meditation, holistic experiences and the practice of yoga across several days to weeks.

Yoga retreats typically take place amongst natural settings such as mountains, rainforests and beaches. During your time at the retreat, your activities will focus on relaxation, reflection and personal growth.

Why go to a yoga retreat?

Like any other getaway, a yoga retreat is an escape from the craziness of everyday life. However, unlike a typical holiday, a yoga retreat provides a dedicated space for yoga-lovers to deepen their practice as well as foster mindfulness and work on self betterment. 

Beyond just being a few days away, a yoga retreat can give you a range of tools, skills and experiences to incorporate into your life once you return from your blissful solitude.

Here’s some of the best yoga retreats from around the country to keep in mind for your next escapade.

Barossa Wellness – South Australia

Whilst the Barossa region in South Australia is best known for being the beating heartland of Australian wine, it’s also home to a number of unique experiences – including yoga retreats.

Barossa Wellness’ yoga retreats combine the bliss of yoga with the serenity of the Barossa region for the ultimate weekend getaway.

From bushwalks, to yoga and meditation on a mountainside, this retreat will re-energise your mind, body and soul.

Deśa Retreat – Victoria

Located off the Great Ocean Road in Jan Juc, Deśa Retreat is fully immersed in the natural beauty of Victoria. 

Starting at $2,995 per person, your three day retreat will include oil massages, morning and evening yoga sessions, nutrition consultations. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even opt for surf lessons. 

Happy Buddha – Blue Mountains, New South Wales

It doesn’t get much more serene than the Blue Mountains. Located 90 minutes from Sydney CBD and nestled amongst the bushland of Wentworth Falls is Happy Buddha. Happy Buddha runs a number of affordable yoga retreats ranging anywhere from $399 to $649.

With retreats running up to three times a week, Happy Buddha focuses on the practice of yoga, mindfulness, breathwork and meditation during your stay.

Haven Yoga – Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Haven Yoga’s luxury retreats invites you into the natural tranquillity of the Sunshine Coast for a deep dive into self-care and relaxation; they include rainforest strolls, Yoga, Yin and Meditation.

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