Four magical German river cruises you need to experience

Ready to set sail? We've found the best cruises that'll take you right through the heart of Germany.

Germany is a hugely diverse country to travel to. From enriching cultural experiences to medieval cities and cutting-edge, vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone. Arguably, one of the best ways to enjoy Germany is by sailing through one of many of its significant rivers. German river cruises offer travellers the unique opportunity to float past some of the country’s oldest cities and experience a range of different historic and cultural sites.

From the Rhine to Moselle, here are four of the best German river cruises to consider for your next trip to Europe.


Treasures of the Rhine

$3,595 from Viking Cruises

Over the course of ten days, Viking Cruises will take you through the heart of Germany’s majestic Rhine River. With stops and tours in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, you’ll get a well-rounded taste of the Rhine. Along the way you’ll be treated to views of fortresses, grand cathedrals and medieval towns.

You’ll begin your cruise in Amsterdam, where you can explore the city’s famous canals, museums and Dutch gastronomy. After this, you’ll float down to Nijmegen, a city with over 2,000 years of history, including sights such as Grote Markt and weighhouse. Along the Rhine you’ll stop into Cologne, Mainz, Heidelberg, Speyer, Strasbourg and Basel where the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland all converge.


Christmas Markets Rhine Cruise

$572 from Tour Radar

One of the most magical time of year to embark on German river cruises is when its close to Christmas. The Rhine River region is home to some of Germany’s oldest and most famous Christmas markets. There are cruises that are entirely dedicated to showing passengers the magic of Germany’s Christmas markets whilst floating along the Rhine River. This particular cruise comes in at $572 for five days of exploring up and down the iconic German river.

Starting in Düsseldorf, you’ll make your way to Koblenz, Mainz and Rudesheim before finally stopping in Cologne. During the festive season, Cologne will be peppered with Christmas markets where you’ll be sure to snag artisanal decorations, gifts and food. After a day of sightseeing and getting into the festive spirit, you’ll return to Düsseldorf where your cruise will finish.


Treasures of the Rhine

$1,267 from Crucemundo

If you’ve done the Rhine or you’re looking for something the beaten path – then this cruise is for you. Taking place over eight glorious days, the Moselle River Cruise will take you through the Moselle River. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historic castles, and vineyards, the Moselle River is more tranquil and attracts less tourists than the Rhine River.

Over eight days, you’ll get the chance to explore the Moselle River and the towns along it. Starting in Mainz, you’ll set sail towards Cochem, a town with a fairytale-esque charm and stunning medieval architecture. Next, you’ll visit Trier and Saalburg where you can explore ruins from the Ancient Roman era. After this, the cruise will also stop into Koblenz, Rüdesheim and Worms which all boast Gothic castles and medieval architecture.


Rhine Getaway

$2,295 from Viking Cruises

Another option if you’re looking to explore the stunning towns along the Rhine River is this Rhine Getaway from Viking Cruises. Starting in Basel, you’ll make your way into Germany through Breisach where you can discover the famous Black Forest. Over the next eight days, you’ll also stop into Rüdesheim, Speyer, Koblenz and Cologne before making your way to The Netherlands.

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