The best gifts to get your dog this Christmas

Santa-paws is coming to town!

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, quite often, the furriest and smallest members of the family can get overlooked. And while it may be the most exciting time of year for you and your loved ones, nothing compares to the joy your pup feels at the prospect of tearing open some festive wrapping and finding a new chew toy.

So make sure it’s a yappy Christmas this year, and treat your furbaby to the best dog Christmas presents around.


The Pooch & Hound Bow Tie


Just because they roll around in the mud, and chew up everything in sight does not mean they shouldn’t look smart doing so! Add some flare to your family portraits this year with this very dapper doggie bow tie.


Houndztooth Dog Grooming Pack


You wouldn’t buy your shampoo and conditioner from the grocery store, so why would you settle for anything less than a top tier product when grooming your pup? Houndztooth Hugo’s Blend is specifically formulated with the highest quality plant-extracted ingredients, leaving no room for irritation.


The Paw Grocer Christmas Dinner Treats


Christmas is a special time of year where we indulge in a decadent, gourmet meal. But imagine being served the same thing to eat every day, even for Christmas lunch! Sounds horible, no? So, treat your dog to these Duck and Chicken Roast Dinner pet treats.


Arlo Boucle Memory Foam Dog Bed

$79.95- $159.00

Have you been staring at the half chewed multicoloured dog bed sitting in your lounge room, and dying to replace it with something that brings an aesthetic charm to your space? Then this is the dog bed for you… or your dog.


Mog & Bone Bamboo Dog Bowl

$64.71 – $71.91

Washable, durable, sophisticated, and stylish. What more could you want from pet accessories that can’t be hidden in the cupboard? No more silver, metal bowls. Feed your dog in style with these bamboo stand bowls.


Watermelon Dog Float

$34.95- $49.95

With this summer set to be a hot one, don’t skip out on your dog when buying the kids’ pool toys. This floatie just screams hours of recreational fun for everyone!


Cheerble Wickedbone


Introducing the world’s first interactive dog bone. This is the perfect toy for anyone who feels guilty for leaving their pup at home when heading to the office. This bone is controlled remotely with the Wickedbone app. Play fetch, or use any of the other settings this toy offers. It’s hours of stimulation and play, all built into the one toy.


Personalised Dog Christmas Stocking


If you’ll be spoiling your pup this year with a bunch of treats and toys, why not put them all in a personalised puppy stocking? It’s a keepsake for years to come and solidifies them as a member of your family.


Apple AirTag® + Holder


For the runner! Gone are the days of panicking while driving up and down the same street, and hanging posters around town. Keep tabs on your runaway pup with an Apple Airtag and holder that can sit stylishly on a collar.


Recycled Alpine Reversible Puffer Vest


Rain, hail, or shine. Your dog should be getting some run time in. But just like you wouldn’t leave the house without weather protection, they shouldn’t either.


Boss Packable Sleeping Bag


We did say these were the best dog Christmas presents. And sometimes the best, cost a little extra. However, with this packable sleeping bag you can bring your pup anywhere! From holidays, to the beach, to the back of the car – they’ll always feel at home with this cosy place to rest.

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