Six chic workwear brands that won’t break the bank

A surefire way to be the fashionista of your office.

Whoever said work isn’t a fashion show probably didn’t know where to shop. Going into the office doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style, nor does it mean you need to spend lots of money. We’ve tracked down a handful of the best affordable workwear brands so you can look your best without breaking the bank. Keep reading for our picks.

2024’s top affordable workwear brands

  1. Forcast
  2. Portmans
  3. Uniqlo

The best affordable workwear brands 2024



Best for: good quality basics

Uniqlo is great for finding good quality basics for your workwear wardrobe. While having blazers, shoes and other standout items are important to have, it’s also important to build an arsenal of quality basics to create foundations for your office outfits. Enter Uniqlo. With hundreds of knits, trousers and singlets starting at as little as $15, you can easily build out a workwear wardrobe on a budget. If you look dutifully, often you’ll be able to find 100 per cent cashmere sweaters or 100 per cent cotton shirts for affordable prices.



Best for: stand out pieces on a budget

If you’re stocked up on basics, then you’re going to want to build out your workwear wardrobe with a few stand out pieces. Don’t fret, you don’t need to spend big to curate a wardrobe of great-looking office clothes. H&M has a tonne of stand out pieces that are office-appropriate and budget friendly. They also have a range of stylish work shoes and other accessories that are surprisingly comfortable and long-lasting for the price.



Best for: chic suits

Target’s fashion department has earned itself a tonne of well-deserved praise online recently, and for good reason. Target may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of workwear, but the store has some affordable gems that are great for wearing into the office. The standout is their suits. From three piece suits to skirt and vest combinations, Target have a slew of very chic suits that deserve a spot in your workwear wardrobe.



Best for: reason

Who said dressing on a budget meant sacrificing style? Forcast is a women’s fashion brand with a dedicated line of workwear that is well-tailored, well-priced and timelessly chic. Don’t be afraid to foray beyond their dedicated workwear line though, their regular line of clothes are just as chic and most of it is also office-friendly.


Forever New

Best for: great office shoes

Forever New is known for their stylish array of clothes (and yes, even workwear!) but did you know that they have an impressive selection of office shoes? Not only are Forever New’s shoes affordable, but they’re stylish too. From ankle boots to patent leather Mary Jane’s and even loafers, they’ve got something to suit everyone.



Best for: a great workwear line for curvy girls

Finding stylish workwear when you’re curvy can prove to be challenging. However, womenswear brand Portmans is to the rescue. Not only does their curve range have a great selection of staples, they also have suits, skirts and dresses with stylish prints and silhouettes.

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