All the fashion trends spotted at Australian Fashion Week

From dazzling sheer numbers to 'ludicrously capacious' handbags.

Australian Fashion Week has officially wrapped up for yet another year and now it’s time to put the fashion trends under the microscope. Each year, luminaries of the fashion scene descend upon the Carriageworks in Redfern – turning it into a microcosm of self-expression, fluidity and cutting-edge fashion. And this year was no exception to this. 

The Resort ‘25 collections that Australian designers showcased at Fashion Week will give us a certain glimpse at what trends we can expect to see in the near future. However, away from the confines of the traditional runway, some of the best looks took place outside of the fashion shows too.

Here’s all the trends that emerged from Australian Fashion Week.

Viva la Sheer

Celebrities have been donning ‘naked’ dresses for what feels like years at this point. But the enduring question was ‘how will this translate to wearable fashion for the everyday person?’. Well it seems that we may finally have the answer to this. From gossamer chiffon capes to tailored translucent suits and dresses – sheer appeared in just about every Resort 25’ collection presented by Australian designers throughout the week.

Carla Zampatti was one of many designers to debut a flirty sheer look at Australian Fashion Week.

Red revival

We’re going to argue that the colour ‘red’ is timeless and couldn’t possibly be a trend. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to see such a vivid hue peak through after a few years of monotonous neutrals dominating the runways and wider fashion. Cayenne and cherry reds manifested into decadent lace catsuits, wedged heels, coats, knits and even hosiery. 

Whilst red was mostly summoned to add a vibrant pop of colour to outfits, our favourite use of the colour was by Blanca, who expertly created a striking fusion of cherry red with cerulean blue for an unexpectedly delightful palette. 

Red reigned supreme this year, it looks especially striking next to cerulean blue at the Blanca show.

Layers, layers, layers

It’s clear that minimalism is out and complex layering is in. But this is a trend that is not for the faint of heart. Intricate layering is deceptive in that it appears ‘thrown together’ but can be more closely described as a delicate tightrope walk. 

The cohesion between eclectic accessories, skirts over trousers and pattern clashing has a harmoniously chaotic energy when executed well. Though we saw this in collections like Mastani’s and Karla Spetic, the trend was best accomplished by the fashionistas on the streets of Redfern. 

The art of layering requires a streak of ingenuity and daringness.

Micro bags are out

Though Matthew Macfadyen’s character in Succession, Tom, may have scathingly described  an oversized Burberry handbag as ‘ludicrously capacious’, big bags dominated this year’s runways. Kiss superfluous microbags that can’t even hold a tube of lipstick goodbye –  functional, oversized bags are back. 

Functional, oversized bags are in.

Reccession wear 

Perhaps the most resounding trend both on and off the runways this year was the looming ‘reccession wear’ trend. What happens to fashion in a recession? It doesn’t disappear, it can’t, but it does adapt. Opulence was absent from this year’s runways and street style, but it wasn’t missed. The shift towards valuing what you already own evidently sparked ingenuity from Fashion Week attendees with second-hand treasures becoming the stars of many people’s outfits. Meanwhile on the runways, minimalist and versatile pieces reigned supreme.

‘80s revival

If you thought the day that you would never see shoulder pads and collarless jackets return to high fashion – think again. The ‘80s revival was strong at this year’s fashion week with bubble hems, power dressing, exaggerated silhouettes and athleisure all making an appearance on the runway.

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