Model Luisa Dunn’s summer style tips

Embrace the art of dressing well.

Luisa Dunn, 52, is a model, photographer and influencer who knows good style. You could say it’s a perk of the job that with access to the latest fashion and design she’s become an expert in creating outfits that look good on her, or perhaps it’s a testament to her innate style, age and experience that she’s perfected the art of dressing well. Either way, the vocally pro-age model, who stars in MYER’s Regatta campaign, is certainly rewriting the rules of midlife fashion.

Embracing her natural ‘silver’ hair colour meant a complete change to how she approaches fashion, giving her a new perspective on being creative as she embraces bold colours and styles.

Read on for Luisa’s summer style tips, where she looks for fashion inspo’, and what she’ll be wearing on Christmas Day, plus all the seasonal wardrobe staples a woman needs – including her must-have picks from Regatta’s European linen pieces so you can add them to your summer wardrobe.

AWW: How would you describe your style?

Luisa: Having ‘fun with fashion’ is my style and I’m drawn to colour – as much and as often as possible. I mix palettes and textures, old and new, elegant and casual. I’m a mood and moment dresser. I’m also loving exploring how being ‘silver’ has given me an entirely new perspective on being creative with both colour matching and contrasting – I can re-wear forgotten gems with a completely different sense of style.

AWW: What are your go-to brands for easy, casual, classic dressing?

Luisa: I love Regatta’s European linen pieces. Regatta’s 100 per cent European linen pieces are so comfortable, affordable, and come in versatile up-to-the-minute styles, the linen is also sustainably sourced – it’s the perfect mix.

AWW: What are your favourite dresses for summer?

Luisa: They’ll always include floaty maxi dresses, perfect for the warmer temperatures, and stylish linen pieces, like the Regatta range with frill detailing, such as this dress:

And this Regatta classic striped linen dress (with pockets!):

AWW: Where do you look for fashion and style inspiration?

Luisa: I enjoy seeing local designers featured in media, advertising and magazines. I love the convenience of getting a snapshot all of the latest releases and styles in one place like Myer. Exceptionally talented stylists and creatives have now also become the sine qua non for fashion trendsetting and inspiration, so following them rather than simply the individuals and celebrities they dress probably gets you better bang for your buck in time spent. I love the art of dressing. I have as much fun putting an outfit together as I do wearing it out!

AWW: And who do you look to?

Luisa: Professional stylists, such as Jordan Trent aka @theelegantstylist and Roz Kaur aka @roz_creativestylist are some of my favourite fashion creatives to follow. I enjoy how they take individual pieces and add layers of personality through mixing textures, tones and shapes. I have a lot of admiration for great stylists.

AWW: You’ve embraced your natural ‘silver’ hair colour – how has this impacted your fashion choices and what you wear?

Luisa: The biggest change has been the larger colour range I now wear – a lot of bold colours, grey, silver, white and black. Colours I wore very little when I had dyed hair. I do tend to wear less mixed-pattern fabrics and opt for more plain, monochromatic looks.

AWW: Who do you dress for – yourself, your peers, your partner?

Luisa: I firstly dress for my mood, followed by occasion. I often decide what I’m wearing only an hour prior as it always depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m feeling colourful and other times I will opt for classic monochromatic neutrals.

I do consider my partner, especially if it’s a date night. He is a fashion lover too, so I will often pull out some of his favourites when we are on our own – he usually asks me what I’m wearing then decides whether to match or contrast.

Other times I’ll dress for peers depending on the event. I know how much I enjoy looking at fashion myself, so I like to share that side of my personality when I’m around peers who love the same.

AWW: What’s your favourite off-duty outfit?

Luisa: Active wear and loungewear – and thongs! My husband said I had to say thongs (specifically pink thongs!). I wear them inside and out because we have hard floors at home. I’m obsessed with comfort over form for off duty style. If you have to look or adjust, it’s not off duty.

Luisa with her equally stylish and talented husband Pete.

(Credit: Instagram: @thesilverlining_1970)

AWW: What is your earliest fashion memory?

Luisa: I remember going to fabric stores as a pre-teen with my mum and flipping through pattern books choosing designs. My mum had such a wonderful talent for making clothes and I think it really set me up to enjoy the creative side of fashion from such a young age.

AWW: What staples do you think every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Luisa: I don’t think you can go wrong with a classic navy blazer, crisp white shirt or T-shirt, floaty floral maxi dress, black biker jacket, chunky black boots and a classic LBD.

AWW: What are your summer style tips?

Luisa: It’s your chance to mix and match vintage tees with glamorous skirts – dress it down to dress it up, if that makes sense. I often match vintage tees with jeans and pretty in pink skirts – hard to go wrong with pink in summer. I love a hot pink silk shirt, soft pink linen maxi, mid pink linen jacket. I’m also a sucker for a light, colourful romper and pretty sandals – throw a teeny bit of bling in somewhere!

AWW: What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?

Luisa: We will be in Vail Colorado this Christmas, so I will likely be wearing warm ski clothes during the day, and later a pair of my favourite high waisted skinny jeans with a turtleneck sweater and ankle boots.

Classic, Elevated, Sustainable, Regatta

Regatta’s pieces are classic and elevated, and combine timeless, casual designs that celebrate every woman. The brand crafts its design from a range of quality fabrics, including comfy linen, that are easy to care for. Think affordable clothing that is made to fit and flatter.

Here’s some other interesting fashion facts about the Regatta range.

• Regatta uses Certified European Linen in all of its linen pieces.

• European Linen uses flax plant fibres grown in optimal climate and soil conditions and only uses rainwater.

• No genetic modification or pesticides are used in the farming, and all of the plant is used minimising waste.

• In addition to being kind to the planet, European linen is a strong fibre so it’s better for the plant and a great wardrobe investment – it’s durable, which means it lasts longer and doesn’t end up in landfill as quickly as some other fabrics may.

• Being a natural fibre, linen is breathable, which is wonderful for women during menopause.

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