The one thing Rachael Finch does everyday for her own wellbeing

The wellness entrepreneur reveals her morning routine, and how she tackles tech overwhelm for herself and her kids.
Rachel Finch and family

Rachael Finch has the same “struggles and worries, the same mundane life chores” as everyone else. But, the former Miss Universe, TV host and model-turned-wellbeing entrepreneur laughs, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Happily married to Michael Miziner and with two gorgeous children, life in her beautiful beachside home looks pretty close to perfect. But she has had to deal with her own battles.

Most recently, Rachael faced attacks regarding how she feeds her children. Pictures of her kids eating healthy homemade breakfasts were met with a slew of insults. Trolls claimed she was depriving them of sufficient food and a proper childhood. Nowadays, these comments are water off a duck’s back. Rachael confesses she has grown a thicker skin.
“I react very differently to negative comments now compared to ten years ago,” she tells The Weekly. “I’ve experienced enough that I’ve learnt how to deal with them internally and emotionally. I’m able to read them and laugh. Michael has really helped me to flip my thoughts and made me realise that what matters most is what’s on the inside and family.”

She is also selective about what she shares online.
“Social media is significant for me, but when it comes to my kids, I’m conscious about what I post,” she says. “Their privacy is essential, and most times are reserved for just us as a family. I’ve been the target of trolls many times.”

Keeping the spark alive

Although she clearly relishes being a mum, Rachael acknowledges that relationships can easily take a back seat when kids come along, so spending quality time with Michael has become a priority. “We set aside time each week to go for a walk or have dinner together,” she says.

“I’m very passionate about making the effort to do that. I recently started dance lessons with Michael. He wasn’t keen when I asked him, but I love the way it makes me feel, it’s very expressive. It also means there’s a set time for me to catch up with my husband.”

But whipping up a storm on the dance floor only forms a small part of Rachel’s dedication to active and healthy living. Being in tune with her body helps her to manage her overall wellbeing and keep anxiety at bay.

How Rachael Finch starts her day

“I’m very passionate about what I eat and drink, and limit my caffeine and stimulant intake,” she says. “I drink a lot of water and make all my meals from home so I’m nourishing myself from the inside out. I limit incoming technology and media as that can be a huge trigger when I’m feeling more susceptible to anxiety, and I’m very diligent with my sleep. I aim for at least eight-nine hours of quality sleep a night.”

Her daily morning meditation is also non-negotiable and she rises an hour before the kids to meditate on the couch or balcony. “It is literally the difference between my brain being calm or frazzled,” she says. “I love the practice of just being still and not thinking. It really sets me up for the day.”

A typical weekday morning for Rachael consists of getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, finding that misplaced homework and rustling up breakfast. “I try to cook something different every day,” she says. “I make homemade waffles with bananas and a chocolate sauce on the side made from cacao and coconut oil, or I’ll make a big protein powder smoothie with almond milk and fruit or vegetables.”
It’s not only Rachael that feels at home in the kitchen. Her kids do too. Rachel jokes that she often has to jostle for space as they whip up a variety of salads on the weekends. “They’re obsessed with salad!” she laughs.

What’s next for Rachael Finch?

Rachael’s passion for health has led to a new business venture. As well as skincare, Kissed Earth now boasts a range of health products and supplements. “The uptake from day one has been amazing,” she says. “Sourcing and developing products that people have fallen in love with is the best feeling. Knowing that I’m making a difference is so rewarding.”

When questioned about what lies ahead, Rachael radiates a positive warmth. “People ask me where I see myself in five years’ time but it’s hard to say because I really love exactly where I am right now,” she says. “There are days that I’m just crazy busy with life and it’s hard, but I feel lucky to have all that I have and lucky to be able to say that.”

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