How to update your bedroom decor for better sleep

Because your room should be both stylish and cosy…
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Our bedrooms are our personal sanctuary – a place to lock out the world and snuggle down for what will hopefully be a restful slumber.

“There’s quite a difference in what people are looking for in terms of bedroom decor, for what is the most important room of the house,” says Tara Solberg, interior stylist and founder of Few & Far. “Making it really comfortable and inviting promotes a good night’s sleep. It means you can completely switch off and leave behind everything you’ve been thinking, doing or working on that day. It’s our retreat area.”

It’s also a room that has seen several new and varying trends emerge. Tara talks us through four bedrooms done four very different ways…

Use earthy organic colours

Burnt orange, rust, terracotta… These earthy winter tones are ideal for a restful sleep. “In summer, these colours show up just in hints,” Tara says. “For example, in summer you would have a white bedroom and duvet cover, then the pillows would have a touch of those shades. But in winter we see see all these warm, rich tones taking over our bed linen, table lamps, cushions and throws.”

Tara’s tip: “Having a lamp with a beautiful linen shade controls and gives a richer ambience and tone to your bedroom.

Add a touch of luxury in your bedroom decor

The maximalist trend is alive and well, and Tara suggests winter is a time to really dive in and add more lush fabrics into your bedroom decor. “Velvet is a really wintery fabric; just the warmth of it against your skin has a really rich, luxurious feeling,” she says.

“Bouclé is another fabric that is also having a big impact at the moment. You can find it in bedheads, ottomans and cushions – it’s a beautiful, tactile fabric with texture. It’s simple, but still really modern and beautiful.”

Go for bronze, gold and brass accents in your accessories, says Tara, and if you want to make a big statement, a luxe rug will be a great investment piece. “The bigger the better,” she says. “They are really important for warming up a room and making it feel inviting.”

Tara’s tip: “If you really want to make a statement, bold wallpaper can create an opulent mood. You can even get removable wallpaper for those who are renting.

Inject shades of green

There’s nothing better than bringing nature in when it comes to creating a calm sleep sanctuary. Sales of house plants soared as we got our green thumbs on. Now, says Tara, that element of nature is following through in our bedrooms with varying shades of green popping up in soft furnishings, linens, accessories and furniture.

“Bottle greens and khakis may not be warm in themselves,” she explains, “but they tie into a warm scheme when you pare them back with ochre, terracotta and off-white. It’s a very natural colour base and they work together beautifully.”

If you want to start with small green touches, you can up your number of house plants – otherwise, Tara advises, “you can mix up your bed linen” by adding shades of green in your sheets, throws or cushions. “If you really love the palette, realistically you can introduce all of those items so long as you calculate how much you are using so that it remains about balance.”

Tara’s tip: “There’s been a real revival in ornaments like vases in differing shapes and colours. They’re the perfect accessory to have on your bedside table.”

Update your bedhead

Mixing and matching prints is a big yes in Tara’s books, and it’s a trend that is definitely having a moment. “Personally I like to mix things up, and our stores are all about layering and not having everything too ‘matchy matchy’,” she explains.

“That being said, with mixed prints you need to be calculated if you want it to look modern. Begin with your base piece and work your way up. So start with a rug, then choose your bed linen to complement that rug, then whatever you have on your bedside table, and then your cushions. Start from the bottom.”

Tara’s tip: “Bedheads are the easiest way to change up a room, and come in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. A bedhead adds another layer and a different texture to the room.”

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