How to transform your home into a day spa oasis

Selling Houses Australia co-host and designer Wendy Moore reveals the secret to turning your bathroom into your very own spa (without breaking out a hammer).

Creating a day spa vibe at home is all about the little details. Self-care is trending now and, in my opinion, that’s long overdue. But we’re not talking about beauty rituals. It’s about emotional, mental and physical health, and making time for yourself, supported by spaces that allow us to connect, rejuvenate and thrive outside the home. That said, there are also lots of small ways you can bring a day spa vibe to your bathroom without starting from scratch. Here’s how.

Make space

The first step in any self-care routine – whether that’s your skincare ritual, a yoga practice or a daily meditation – is making space in your schedule and home to make it happen.

A dedicated skincare routine can involve a lot of products (toners, peptides, moisturisers, sunscreen … It’s not just me, right?!). To make it work you need to carve out at least five minutes every morning and evening, and designate a nook or surface to your products. It might be a drawer, a bespoke benchtop cabinet or perhaps the surface of a gorgeous side table. Choose it with care, keep it clean, assign its purpose and stick to it.

Think green

Resetting your surfaces to mimic the natural world is the gold standard in day-spa style. For your own home spa, think textural stone surfaces, sealed timbers or handmade ceramic tiles. A move towards biophilic design – incorporating plants, air and soothing colour – moves this style into easy grasp. It’s about abundance, not perfection.

Hang plants from the ceiling, make space on the vanity or windowsill, and pick green plants that thrive in moist environments. Devil’s ivy is trending now and very hard to kill, orchids love all that humidity, and spider plants look striking with their strappy, architectural foliage. If you don’t have a green thumb, no problem – there’s an incredible range of artificial plants that can deliver this look and no one will ever know. IKEA makes a great statement elephant’s ear!

Seek soothing scents

Your bathroom might not look exactly the way you want it to, but it can still be an oasis of calm. Introducing aromatherapy with diffusers or candles is an aromatic and beautiful way to set the intention of your space, and there are other benefits, too.

An art and a science, aromatherapy or essential oil therapy is a holistic healing treatment that is said to enhance physical and emotional health. Different oils have different benefits; for example, patchouli is said to help with breathing.

Let it rain

Water is powerful. Just looking at a body of water can alleviate stress and reduce your heart rate. Elevate water sources in the bathroom to ones that mimic natural falls of water and make you feel like you’re in nature. Replace tapware with waterfall taps or install a rainfall shower that allows you to get completely drenched! There are options that allow you to retain your current plumbing formats. But you can’t really go past a statement tub for the ultimate in relaxation.

Mindfulness through atmosphere

Atmosphere isn’t just about the design of a room – it’s about a feeling, a mood. A serene home spa vibe can be created with subdued lighting, calming colours and simple comforts. When we aren’t thinking about our environment, it’s easier to integrate mental health practices, like daily meditations, into everyday routines. If that sounds a bit much for you, don’t be discouraged. A simpler option might be burning a gorgeous candle that’s atmospheric and calming. Try bathing by candlelight to see exactly what I mean!

Choose a soy-based wax for a clean burn. Or, consider adding a dimmer switch to your bathroom light, which is usually a simple update for a professional, or bring in a lamp – there’s absolutely no reason why living room ambience can’t be brought into the bathroom!

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