How to transform your home into a Saltburn-inspired ‘Old Money’ mansion

Four easy changes for a whole new aesthetic.

Thanks to Saltburn we can’t stop talking about Jacob Elordi and Barry Keough. We’ve also seen the revival of noughties earworm Murder on the Dance Floor. However, the real star of the film was the positively charming and haunting ‘Old Money’ aesthetic manor where the entirety of the film takes place. 

The Saltburn manor, which is actually called Drayton House, has sent searches for ‘Old Money’ home aesthetics and interiors skyrocketing. 

If you’ve fallen head over heels for this charming trend – don’t fret, you won’t need a gothic mansion to bring it to life. Read on for our styling and décor tips to transform your home into an ‘Old Money’ masterpiece.

old money aesthetic
The Saltburn film has seen a spark in interest towards the ‘Old Money’ home styling aesthetic.

Wall panelling

Wall panelling or wainscoting was a major design choice that was prevalent in Saltburn. Incorporating wall panelling to your home can add a deep richness to your aesthetic and décor. 

In the case of the Saltburn manor, wainscoting was more than just a purely a aesthetic choice, it also supported fragile walls and interiors. However, in 2024 – it’s the perfect ‘Old Money’ aesthetic you can inject into your home.


A lot of the Saltburn film was captured in low lighting, particularly inside the manor. Whether this was because of the age of the actual house or a cinematography choice – we’re here for the ‘Dark Academia’ aesthetic this gave off. 

Lighting is another crucial element that can make or break an ‘Old Money’ renovation. 

“To recreate this aesthetic, opt for dimmer lights (such as candle lights or using warm-toned bulbs on lamps or ceiling light) to give that gentle and flattering glow,” says Stacey Clarke, general manager at B2C Furniture.

Lighting is a make or break styling choice when going for the ‘Old Money’ aesthetic.

“This is also a great way to invite a warmer ambience into a particular space – especially around seating areas or reading nooks, which contrasts well with colder surfaces usually associated with this aesthetic, such as brass fixtures or leather sofas.”

Colour palettes

Colour palettes are another important aspect when building a Saltburn-inspired interior. ‘Old Money’ is timeless and pays no mind to what is trendy. For your colour palette, think deep forest greens, rich burgundies and reds, deep regal blues and timeless charcoals. 

Colour palettes should be forest greens, rich burgundies and reds and deep, regal blues.

Eclectic Décor 

Your room should tell a story. Whilst you may not have hundreds of family heirlooms and antiques like the Catton family do, this doesn’t mean you can create a kitschy, ‘Old Money’ story yourself. The key to creating this aesthetic is selecting eclectic decor.

‘Old Money’ décor should be deep and rich in colour and should evoke a sense of nobility and grandeur through its texture and design. 

Whilst you can certainly shop this aesthetic new, the best way to find unique and eclectic pieces is through second-hand stores, markets and auctions. In the meantime, here’s our favourite ‘Old Money’ aesthetic buys.

Antique-inspired gold mirror

Gold Noble Ceramic Table Lamp

Armonk 6 Light Chandelier

Vintage-inspired prints

Classic Cherry Heritage Hill Library Cabinet

Dark Brown Chesterfield Leather Office Chair

Seiko Omega Pendulum Chiming Wall Clock

Blue & White Floral Ginger Jar

old money aesthetic

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