Deborah Hutton the cover star: Every time she’s graced the cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly

From her very first cover at the age of 27 in the 80s, to fronting our current February issue aged 61, Deborah Hutton has appeared on 12 covers of The Weekly.
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Deborah Hutton is a woman of many talents.

Her job titles include; media personality, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, brand ambassador and TV host.

Whilst many may know of Deborah due to her modelling or TV work, Deb has a special connection to us here at The Australian Women’s Weekly – she was a part of the publishing family for more than ten years.

She started with the beauty pages, went on to become the fashion editor, then was the editor-at-large for The Weekly home.

Deborah has always been open with sharing her life – from personal heartbreaks, to building awareness for causes that are close to her heart, across the years readers of The Weekly have been able to follow Deb’s high and lows.

Her refreshingly candid openness may be why countless editors across the past 30 years of The Weekly have chosen Deborah to front the cover a total of 12 times.

But before she became a cover girl for The Weekly, the 61-year-old’s very first magazine cover was gracing Cosmopolitan Australia, aged just 16 in 1978.

Deborah Hutton’s very first magazine cover.

The cover of Cosmopolitan in October 1978 kicked off her career, as Deb began working for Vivien’s Modelling Agency in Sydney, then breaking into the U.S market at age 18, when she was contracted with Ford Modelling Agency in New York City.

 Here are all the Women’s Weekly covers with Deborah…

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


August, 1989.

Deborah’s first appearance on the cover of The Weekly came when she was aged 27.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


October, 1996.

In this issue Deb was coined as the ‘Glamour Queen’.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


December, 2000.

Gracing the cover of The Weekly’s Christmas issue is coveted. This was the first of three covers that Deborah was pictured as a duo.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


June, 2002.

For the milestone age of 40, Deb was photographed for the cover in June 2002.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


December, 2003.

Deborah Hutton was again the face of a Christmas issue in 2003.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


December, 2005.

She’s done it again, another Christmas cover, this time joined by Jamie Durie.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


August, 2008.

Deb was shot by the pool for this cover.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


June, 2009.

The interview accompanying this cover saw Deborah opening up about previous struggles.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


January, 2012.

Well this cover caused quite the stir! Deb talks about the controversial shoot, among other things, in a 2023 interview with us.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


February 2013.

The backlash from the previous cover didn’t scare off Deb, and she returned a year late to pose alongside friend Rebecca Gibney for the February body issue.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


August, 2020.

Deb sent a much-needed stark warning about skin cancer when she posed showing the facial scar she had following cancerous tissue being cut out.

(Credit: (Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly))


February 2023.

61-year-old Deb has again graced the cover of The Weekly this month – and we’re sure it won’t be the last time!

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