Dolly Parton opens up about the various cosmetic procedures she’s undergone

“You’ve just got to be very careful not to overdo it…”

Dolly Parton has refreshingly opened up about the plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures she’s had done over the years.

Most celebrities are rather tight-lipped about whether or not they’ve had botox or filler, and rarely share their actual diet and exercise routine.

But not Dolly. Speaking to Saga Magazine, the Jolene singer candidly shared, “If something is bagging, sagging or dragging, I’ll tuck it, suck it or pluck it.”

And when asked if she regrets any of the procedures she’s undergone, Dolly said:

“Every now and then you’ll get a haematoma [similar to a bruise], or sometimes with fillers and botox you can get too much and have to wait until the swelling goes down to look normal again.

Dolly Parton

“It means that instead of being back at work in two weeks, it’s a month.”

The 77-year-old also briefly spoke about her diet and exercise habits, revealing that a few years ago when she had “gained weight,” she turned to her friend Sylvester Stallone for help.

“He’d tell me, ‘You’ve got to stop eating white bread and processed stuff’ and I’d say, ‘But I’m a country girl!’ I still eat those things, just not as often as I used to,” Dolly said.

“I’m not much for exercise either and I do just enough to get by,” she continued.

Dolly Parton

This isn’t the first time the singer-songwriter has spoken about the various cosmetic procedures she’s undergone.

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in November 2023, Dolly admitted she’s had fillers and botox but tries “not to overdo it.”

“I try to do just little bits at a time; I don’t do, like, really big stuff. Only when I have to do something a little more, and even then, I try to be careful,” Dolly said.

“You’ve just got to be very careful not to overdo it because you never know, anytime you go under the knife you could come out looking not good,” she continued.

“It’s always a risk and every time I go in for anything I think ‘Oh Lord, please let this all work out fine.’”

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