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Meet the judges of Dream Home Australia 2024

Three industry leaders guiding the contestants.

Dream Home Australia kicks off with a stellar panel of judges who are set to bring their vast expertise and distinctive perspectives to the competition. This season, contestants will benefit from the insights and evaluations of three industry leaders: Lana Taylor, Simon Cohen, and Rosie Morley, each of whom brings a unique set of skills to the table.

Read below to meet the judges of the first season of Dream Home Australia.

Lana Taylor

Lana Taylor is a co-owner and director of Three Birds Renovations, a platform aimed at empowering Australian women to create their dream homes through renovation and styling.

Along with her co-founders, Lana started by flipping their first home nearly a decade ago, gaining a substantial following for their fresh, aspirational home designs.

They offer popular online courses—Three Birds Reno School and Three Birds Styling School—and their video series is viewed in over 100 countries. Lana and her team are also best-selling authors of Australia’s top home improvement book.

As a judge, Lana describes her style as honest, clear, and empathetic, drawing on her extensive experience in home renovation. She values the feel-good factor in room designs and balances constructive criticism with support, aiming to deliver feedback in an understanding manner.

Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen is a buyer’s agent and co-founder of Cohen Handler, the largest property buyer’s agency in Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. In 2021, he co-founded Costi Cohen, the country’s first commercial buyers’ agency.

As the highest-grossing buyer’s agent in Australia, Simon has facilitated billions of dollars in transactions over 15 years, earning a reputation as the go-to expert in the field. His success is attributed to his strategic property insights, extensive knowledge of the Australian real estate market, and a strong network of contacts.

As a judge, Simon is known for his honest and direct style. He values creativity, livability, and adherence to design briefs in contestants’ renovations.

He highlights the importance of avoiding overly specific styles to maintain broader market appeal and emphasizes the necessity of furniture in completing a home.

Simon’s dream home is an airy, bright, and relaxing Tuscan villa.

Rosie Morley

With over 20 years of experience in Australia and the UK, Rosie Morley is an accomplished interior designer and design communicator. She has worked on major projects across the hospitality, commercial, and residential sectors.

Rosie is a Principal at the design studio Hassell and is deeply involved in the design community. She is a regular speaker, panellist, and jury member at industry events and awards, and mentors design students at RMIT University in Melbourne. Passionate about renovating old buildings, Rosie restored a former derelict heritage pub in the Hepburn Shire into an off-grid haven for her family and pets.

As a judge, Rosie describes her style as honest and discerning, focusing on contestants’ learning and progress.

She values evidence of growth and momentum in their designs. Rosie balances constructive criticism with encouragement, highlighting good design decisions to foster a sense of improvement.

Her dream home emphasizes a strong connection to nature, versatile spaces, and cohesive design.

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