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Every episode of Dream Home Australia 2024 recapped

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Dream Home Australia has arrived for its first season, with Dr Chris Brown hosting and six couples renovating each other’s homes.

If you want to stay up to date with Dream House Australia 2024, but have missed an episode or two, read on for our recap of each episode but beware there are spoilers ahead!

Episode 11:

Both Hannah and Jonny and Rhys and Liam became extremely emotional when Chris took them to look at their respective houses in Episode 11.

“Everything I love,” Hannah said when she and Jonny were looking through what’s been renovated so far.

The boys were equally stoked when Chris showed them how their house is coming along.

“It looks so good,” Rhys said.

Then the next lot of renovations began. The teams decided which rooms they would tackle this week and then started sorting out the budget…

Surprisingly, no drama ensued when Taeler and Elle, Peter and Lara, and Rhys and Liam started divvying up their budget.

The main ‘drama’ in this episode actaully came from Brad and Mel; the couple agonised and second-guessed themselves over every single decision, mainly because they’re worried about being at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Although, with that being said, at the end of the episode, Taeler and Elle said they needed more money. But in an act of revenge and distrust, Lara refused until they produced receipts that proved they were out of money – the sisters ultimately didn’t.

So, Lara took the budget drama one step further and went shopping to make sure she spent all of her and Peter’s remaining money so Taeler and Elle definitely couldn’t get it.

Episode 10

In Episode 10, sisters Taeler and Elle received the first perfect score of the season. Judges Lana, Rosie and Simon had nothing but praise for what they did with the bathroom and dining room in Hannah and Jonny’s house.

Also in this episode, we saw Lara and Simon disagree a few times while judging… Lana loved Jacinta and Jordan’s living room but Simon wasn’t a fan. Similarly, Lana loved Brad and Mel’s bathroom whereas Simon didn’t.

Ultimately, the overall leaderboard was updated again in this episode and it now looks like:

  • Taeler and Elle – 80.5
  • Lara and Peter – 75.5
  • Rhys and Liam – 73
  • Jacinta and Jordan – 71.5
  • Hannah and Jonny – 70.5
  • Brad and Mel – 67.5

Episode 9

The drama that began last episode between Taeler and Elle and Lara and Peter escalated in this episode.

The sisters accused Lara of yelling and attacking them over the budget, and Lara got quite upset. Rhys and Liam ended up comforting her and said she did not do either of those things.

The brothers then took it one step further and offered to work for Lara and Peter so that was one less thing they had to account for with their budget.

After this initial drama, each and every team just carried on with their respective renovations.

Then near the end of the episode, Lara and Peter ran out of money, and so, asked both Taeler and Elle and Rhys and Liam about the team budget.

They said they just needed $4000 more; Rhys and Liam were quick to give them $1000. Taeler and Elle then reluctantly gave them $1000 too. And it looked like all was well, the teams even made up and shared a group hug!

But ultimately, the whole budget drama blew up again when Lara and Peter and Rhys and Liam asked how much the sisters had left of their budget. They had $6000.

Lara and Peter became furious that they didn’t speak up sooner. They said they would’ve designed their rooms differently if they knew Taeler and Elle had money they could’ve spared.

“It s**ts me to tears, that I know I could’ve done better,” Peter said.

“It’s an absolute p*ss take,” Lara echoed.

We wonder what will happen when Lara, Peter, Rhys and Liam learn that Taeler and Elle deliberately unboxed all of the expensive home decor they bought off site so they wouldn’t be forced to return it…

Episode 8:

Dr Chris Brown takes Brad and Mel to their home blindfolded. And when the blindfolds are removed, they’re in disbelief. “This is not our home,” Mel says.

“I expected it to be lovely, but I did not expect it to be extraordinary,” she continues.

Ultimately, the couple love their new house. There’s also a lovely moment when Brad and Mel’s four teenage kids arrive and the family is reunited.

Not to mention all of the kids seem to love the work that’s been done to the house too.

Chris then takes Elle and Taeler to Elle’s home – and they love it!

“This is stunning,” Elle says with happy tears rolling down her cheeks.

Then all six pairs head to Queensland where the next houses to be renovated are – Liam and Rhys’ home and Jonny and Hannah’s home.

The teams switch up slightly too; Jordan and Jacinta, Brad and Mel, and Jonny and Jacinta are now a team and Liam and Rhys, Lara and Peter, and Elle and Taeler are now a team.

Instantly, there’s a bit of drama. Liam and Rhys, Lara and Peter, and Elle and Taeler all want to claim the kitchen… Ultimately, Lara and Peter win that battle.

But tensions increase again when somehow Elle and Taeler are allocated most of the budget for their bathroom and dining room, and then don’t want to share their money with the other couples.

Episode 7:

Episode 7 started with everyone rushing to complete Brad and Mel’s and Elle’s house. Unsurprisingly, Taeler and the builder, Luca, had a bit of an argument over access to the front yard again.

“It’s dunzo,” Taeler said of her relationship with Luca.

Eventually, the judges arrive at each house to take a look around before the judging ceremony.

They seem impressed with both houses but offer some harsh criticism to Rhys and Liam in regards to their ensuite, and to Taeler and Elle in regards to their “hubba bubba” bedroom.

When it comes to the scores, Peter and Lara take out the top spot and the overall leaderboard is updated to:

  • Taeler and Elle – 50.5 points
  • Lara and Peter – 49 points
  • Jacinta and Jordan – 48.5 points
  • Rhys and Liam – 46 points
  • Hannah and Jonny – 46 points
  • Brad and Mel – 45.5 points

Episode 6:

Two teams caused controversy with a “no doors” policy, and Taeler and Elle clashed with builder Luca over blocking access to Brad and Mel’s Northcote home.

In Watsonia, Lara and Peter secured $2000 from Rhys and Liam for their Scandi-inspired facade, while Brad and Mel overspent on their master bedroom, returning an extravagant bed. Dr. Chris Brown critiqued their doorless wardrobe and Rhys and Liam’s open bathroom.

In Northcote, Taeler and Elle chose a lilac theme for Ginger’s bedroom. Jordan and Jacinta prepared for Venetian plaster, buying the bed Brad and Mel returned. Tensions rose when Taeler and Elle blocked the front yard, causing conflict with Luca and the other teams.

Episode 5:

On Dream Home Australia, Brad and Mel, and Taeler and Elle, were thrilled with their first renovated rooms before illness and injury caused disruptions. In Watsonia, Brad and Mel’s decision to skip the study frustrated other teams. Rhys and Liam took on extra work, while Lara and Peter managed the hallway and façade alone after Lara fell ill. Brad and Mel focused on a luxury master bedroom but worried about their budget. In Northcote, Taeler and Elle restored a heritage façade and a bedroom. Jordan and Jacinta used Venetian plaster for their master bedroom to climb the leaderboard. Hannah and Jonny’s plans were derailed by council rejections and Jonny’s injury. Misplaced plasterboard further delayed progress, affecting Taeler and Elle’s work.

Episode 4:

On the first Sunday night episode of Dream Home Australia, we saw the first two renovated houses and the judges reviewed each room. Rhys and Liam’s kitchen and dining room at Elle’s house impressed the judges with its island bench and invisible cooktop, though Lana noted the lack of an extra sink and dishwasher. Lara and Peter’s living room and guest bedroom were praised, especially the bedroom’s curved walls and joinery, but the living room felt tight. Brad and Mel’s bedroom had a warm palette, but their bathroom seemed outdated. Hannah and Jonny’s living room was spacious with a standout fireplace, and Bennett’s room was praised for its built-in desk. Taeler and Elle’s bedroom had beautiful heritage features, but the bathroom layout was questioned. Jacinta and Jordan’s kitchen was well-designed but had a criticised colour scheme and a bland dining area. Rhys and Liam from Queensland won with a score of 26/30, which earnt them $5000 for their budget and $5000 for trades.

Episode 3:

Victorian sisters Taeler and Elle were frustrated with their distracted tradies, and Queensland’s Hannah and Jonny faced a flooring crisis.

In Watsonia, Brad and Mel misjudged their trades’ timelines and struggled with a tight bath installation. Lara regretted sacrificing living room space to Rhys and Liam, who installed an impressive invisible cooktop.

In Northcote, Taeler and Elle’s builder, Luca, was side tracked chatting with Jacinta, delaying Spencer’s bedhead installation. Hannah and Jonny found bouncing floorboards in Bennet’s room, adding to their delays. With two days until reveals, Jordan and Jacinta worried about their dining space.

Episode 2:

Jacinta and Jordan faced a major setback when their kitchen measurements didn’t add up, forcing them to alter their plans. Meanwhile, Lara and Peter had to compromise on their living room space due to Rhys and Liam’s oversized island bench.

In Watsonia, rookies Brad and Mel tackled the bathroom and main bedroom, deciding to separate the toilet into a powder room. This change encroached on the study space, causing concern among the teams. Their excitement turned to frustration when they discovered the stone behind the toilet was too long, requiring them to move the wall and further shrink the study.

Rhys and Liam focused on installing a curved kitchen wall but were disrupted when Rhys had to leave, leaving Liam to handle the project alone. Lara and Peter were forced to concede space for the brothers’ island bench.

In Northcote, the re-stumping delayed progress. Jordan and Jacinta’s kitchen plans fell apart, requiring last-minute adjustments and dashing Jacinta’s dream of a symmetrical island bench.

Episode 1:

The show and season premiere kicked off with a bang as we met all the contestants and they got to meet each other for the first time. We started to learn more about each couple and we discovered that not only will each of them be getting their Dream Home but the couple with the largest score at the end of the season will receive an additional $100,000 off their mortgage.

With that motivation, it was announced that we are heading to Melbourne first, with Brad and Mel’s Northcote home and Taeler and Ellie’s Watsonia home’s being renovated first, with three teams working on each house.

In Watsonia, Taeler and Ellie left a very comprehensive brief for the renovators. Rhys and Liam tackled the kitchen and dining areas, Lara and Peter took bedroom two and the living area, and Brad and Mel tackled the bathroom and main bedroom.

In Northcote, Brad and Mel emphasized family functionality. Hannah and Jonny managed the living area, Taeler and Ellie handled bedroom four, with Jacinta and Jordan worked on dining and kitchen areas. A re-stumping issue caused a site shutdown, leaving teams scrambling with only 10 days left.

Watch Dream Home Australia now on 7plus.

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