The Dream Home 2024 winners have officially been crowned

See which team is taking home the $100,000 prize…

Well, it’s official: the winners of Dream Home Australia 2024 are Rhys and Liam!

After transforming their bare but gigantic backyard into a serious holiday-style oasis, the judges Lana, Rosie and Simon were simply astonished in the grand finale.

Therefore, it was no surprise when they gave Rhys and Liam fantastic scores – 9 from Lana, 9 from Rosie and a 9.5 from Simon.

It was a surprise though when the eliminated Dream Home contestants came back to give each of the top three teams a collective score. 

Hannah and Jonny, Jacinta and Jordan and Mel and Brad gave Rhys and Liam 9.5, which is how they ultimately won.

dream home winners rhys and liam

Rhys and Liam were obviously ecstatic when it was revealed that they were the Dream Home winners, as they now get $100,000 cash to go towards their mortgage.

In second place were married couple Lara and Peter, who turned their backyard into a Mediterranean-style entertaining area, complete with a pool for the kids.

Sisters Taeler and Elle took out third place; they added a deck, alfresco area, firepit, and spa to their backyard.

Throughout the season of Dream Home, Rhys and Liam had both ups and downs.

For instance, they won the very first week of the competition for their dining room and kitchen in Taeler and Elle’s house.

dream home winners rhys and liam

Not to mention, Rhys and Liam received not a single piece of criticism for the incredible kitchen, laundry and bathroom they created in Lara and Peter’s house – the judges seriously loved what they did!

In terms of ‘downs’, the brothers made a few mistakes; the judges hated the ensuite and study the boys created in Taeler and Elle’s house.

But it’s obvious they learnt from those mistakes. Seriously, just look at how far Rhys and Liam have now come…

Congratulations on winning!

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