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Step inside every Dream Home Australia house reveal

We can't get enough of these beautifully renovated Dream Homes.
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Dream Home Australia reveals have kicked off and we cannot wait to see each Dream Home renovation.

Each week, the six teams are split into two groups and assigned a house to renovate. Within those teams, each couple is assigned one to two rooms to renovate.

At the end of the week, the judges are brought in to review each room, and each judge provides a score out of 10. Out of all the room reveals, whoever scores the highest wins for that week.

Join us as we step inside each Dream Home reveal, breakdown the judges comments and see how each team was scored.

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Deception Bay House: Liam & Rhys

Week 3

All three judges loved what Hannah and Jonny did with the kitchen, calling the skylight a “standout feature”. However, they weren’t too impressed with the couple’s guest bedroom.

Lana loved Jacinta and Jordan’s living room but Simon wasn’t a fan, saying it felt cramped especially because of the large couch. Simon did like their laundry though, as did Lana and Rosie.

As for Brad and Mel’s dining room, the judges liked elements of it but overall felt there was “too much” timber in the space. And Lana and Simon disagreed again when it came to the bathroom. Lana loved it whereas Simon thought Brad and Mel’s decision to put the bath on a stage was strange.

Judges scores:

Brad and Mel: 22/30

Hannah and Jonny: 24.5/30

Jacinta and Jordan: 23/30

Coorparoo House: Hannah & Johnny

Week 3

Sisters Taeler and Elle received a perfect score this week for their bathroom and dining space.

Lana said they’d created “the best dining room to date”, and she and Rosie endlessly praised the double skylight and the floor-to-ceiling tiled shower in the bathroom. Not to mention, Simon loved the double mirror and double sink Taeler and Elle installed.

The judges were also impressed with Rhys and Liam’s living room and laundry, calling the styling in the living “impressive” and the layout in the laundry “generous”.

And lastly, the judges were amazed with Lara and Peter’s kitchen. Simon even called it “very cool”. Sadly, they missed the mark with the guest bedroom. Lana, Rosie and Simon all agreed it was too much of a “sensory overload” because of the clashing horizontal and vertical lines.

Judges scores:

Taeler and Elle: 30/30

Rhys and Liam: 27/30

Lara and Peter: 26.5/30

Northcote House: Brad & Mel

Week 2

The judges certainly didn’t hold back this week. They harshly critiqued Jacinta and Jordan’s work on the laundry, saying it was “disconnected” from the kitchen. However, the judges all loved what Jacinta and Jordan did with the master suite, especially the architectural features on the ceiling and the Venetian plaster.

For Hannah and Johnny, judges Lana, Rosie and Simon all felt like the hallway was “too much” but loved what the couple did with the kid’s bedroom.

And while the judges praised Taeler and Elle’s choice of porch tiles and new pathway, they weren’t too keen on the bedroom the sisters did up…

Judges scores:

Elle and Taeler: 26/30

Hannah and Jonny: 22.5/30

Jacinta and Jordan: 25.5/30

Watsonia House: Elle & Taeler

Week 2

Ultimately, the judges were blown away by what Peter and Lara did with the landscaping and grand hallway; they practically had no feedback.

The judges also loved what Brad and Mel did with the master bedroom; however, Simon wasn’t a fan of the wardrobes not having doors.

And as for Rhys and Liam’s ensuite and study, Lana, Rosie and Simon weren’t impressed at all…

Judges scores:

Rhys and Liam: 20/30

Lara and Peter: 26.5/30

Brad and Mel: 25.5/30

Northcote House: Brad & Mel

Week 1

At Brad and Mel’s house, the judges praised Hannah and Jonny’s living room for its spaciousness and large sofa, with Simon highlighting the fireplace as a great focal point. Their second room, Bennett’s bedroom, was described as epic by Simon, with the judges loving the built-in desk and arch.

For sisters Elle and Taeler, they tackled Spencer’s bedroom and the main bathroom. The judges appreciated the bedroom’s design and rose ceiling feature, but Lana questioned if it was edgy enough. They liked the bathroom’s storage and double sinks but suggested it could have been divided into two bathrooms or a separate toilet.

Jacinta and Jordan’s kitchen impressed with its layout and island bench, but Simon disliked the colour palette and different cupboard colours. He found the dining area boring, and Rosie saw a missed opportunity for built-in shelving.

Judges scores:

Elle and Taeler: 24.5/30

(Lana Taylor: 8.5, Rosie Morley: 8, Simon Cohen: 8)

Hannah and Jonny: 23.5/30

(Lana Taylor: 8, Rosie Morley: 7.5, Simon Cohen: 8)

Jacinta and Jordan: 23/30

(Lana Taylor: 8, Rosie Morley: 7, Simon Cohen: 8)

Watsonia House: Elle & Taeler

Week 1

At Elle’s Watsonia house, the judges first reviewed Rhys and Liam’s dining room and kitchen. They praised the island bench and invisible cooktop, loving the curved wall to the butler’s pantry, but Lana felt an additional sink and dishwasher were needed. Despite this, the judge’s felt they did an amazing job and the brother’s won the first week.

Next, in Lara and Peter’s living room and guest bedroom, the judges appreciated the new living space and its colour palette, though they found it cramped due to the large TV. They loved the bedroom, with Lana highlighting the curved walls and ceiling, and Rosie admiring the luxurious joinery.

For Brad and Mel’s bedroom and bathroom, the judges had mixed feelings. They liked the warm colour palette of the bedroom but found the bathroom’s style unimpressive and some features outdated.

Judges scores:

Rhys and Liam: 26/30

(Lana Taylor: 8.5, Rosie Morley: 9, Simon Cohen: 8.5)

Lara and Peter: 22.5/30

(Lana Taylor: 8, Rosie Morley: 7.5, Simon Cohen: 7)

Brad and Mel: 20/30

(Lana Taylor: 7, Rosie Morley: 6.5, Simon Cohen: 6.5)

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