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Meet the 2025 Farmer Wants A Wife farmers

Of the eight farmers, six will be featured in the new season.
From a surprising guilty pleasure, to revealing her childhood crush, the host of Farmer Wants a Wife covers off a round of quickfire questions for The Weekly.

Even though we just finished up the 2024 season, Farmer Wants A Wife has announced the farmers lining up for the 2025 season.

The popular reality show, which has so far been responsible for ten marriages, seven relationships and 27 children, will be returning in 2025 with its fifteenth season.

From the list of eight farmers below, six will be on next season, and you can meet them all below.

Single ladies looking to find their happily-ever-after on the land can apply now for their favourite farmer at

Farmer Corey, 24

Biloela, Queensland

Meet Corey, a vibrant 24-year-old fourth-generation farmer from Biloela, Queensland, who’s as hardworking as he is fun-loving. Standing tall at 6’2″, Corey balances his dedication to the farm with a passion for socializing and sports. His days are filled with tending to beans, hay, and cotton, while weekends often find him beach driving at K’gari or camping in the great outdoors. Corey seeks a down-to-earth partner who values family, honesty, and a simple, joyful life on the farm. Ready for a loyal and loving relationship, Corey believes true love comes with shared laughter, mutual support, and a commitment to weather life’s storms together.

Farmer Jack L, 26

Railton, Tasmania

Meet Jack L, a dependable and creative 26-year-old dairy farmer from Railton, TAS. With a knack for woodworking and restoring vintage cars, Jack embodies a down-to-earth charm that complements his deep-rooted love for animals and music. He seeks a partner with girl-next-door vibes, someone calm and family-oriented, ready to embrace country life. Honesty, loyalty, and open communication are non-negotiable for Jack, who values quality time and heartfelt gestures in a relationship. With dreams of expanding his farm and starting a family, Jack promises a steady presence and unwavering support for the right person to share his life and passions.

Farmer Chooka, 25

Goornong, Victoria

Chooka, a vibrant 25-year-old farmer from Goornong, VIC, is known for his mischievous charm and deep family ties. Dedicated to his community, he often organises social gatherings and coaches local sports teams. Nicknamed Chooka since a childhood dare, he’s never been in a relationship but eagerly awaits a chance to share his life with someone special. Chooka values honesty, kindness, and a good sense of humour in a partner, aiming for a relationship built on communication and mutual respect. With a strong work ethic and a knack for bringing joy to others, Chooka dreams of building a future on the farm with a loving partner and children, embodying the essence of a supportive and fun-loving companion.

Farmer Jack, 26

Oberon, New South Wales

With a farming heritage dating back to the 1800s, Jack is passionate about continuing his family’s legacy. A former army member and current president of the Oberon Rodeo Association, he thrives on adrenaline, especially through bull riding. Jack values loyalty, honesty, and resilience in a partner and dreams of a future filled with shared adventures and family life on the farm. His ideal partner would love animals, support his goals, and appreciate spontaneous adventures. Despite his cowboy exterior, Jack is a soft-hearted, dedicated partner.

Farmer Jarrad, 21

Stanthorpe, Queensland

Farmer Jarrad is a sheep farmer known for his goofy, creative nature and shock-value humour. Passionate about music, he enjoys creating tunes and is a dedicated fan of American sports. Jarrad is a talented cook, with a specialty in meat dishes, and has a deep love for movies and theatre. He seeks a boisterous, fun-loving partner who values traditional principles like respect, integrity, and discipline. In relationships, Jarrad brings strength, humour, and culinary skills. His dream is to buy back his great-grandfather’s farm and raise a family there, driven by trust, loyalty, and mutual support.

Farmer Reidy, 26

Mareeba, Queensland

Farmer Reidy is a banana and avocado farmer known for his outgoing, energetic, and hardworking nature. With a deep appreciation for the outdoors, Reidy loves exploring Far North Queensland’s natural beauty, from the Great Barrier Reef to local waterfalls. Nicknamed Reidy by his friends, he has travelled to 29 countries, bringing a unique perspective on life. Passionate about farming, he values honesty, empathy, and emotional intelligence in a partner. Reidy seeks a supportive, strong, and kind-hearted woman to share his life and business dreams. Dedicated and romantic, he prioritises communication and adventure in his relationships.

Farmer Thomas, 35

Kimba, South Australia

Farmer Thomas is a wheat, barley, and lentil farmer from the Eyre Peninsula. Known for his honesty and generosity, Thomas is a modern, driven farmer with a passion for technology and a clear vision for the future. In his free time, he enjoys beach activities like diving for abalone and surfing. A community firefighter and former AFL player, Thomas values loyalty, kindness, and family focus. He seeks a partner who is caring, honest, and adventurous, with their own passions. Dedicated and romantic, Thomas dreams of sharing a life filled with love, family, and farming success.

Farmer Tom, 31

Borambola, New South Wales

Meet Tom, a tall and light-hearted 31-year-old sheep farmer from Borambola, NSW. Embracing the vast, clean air of the Riverina District, he finds joy in being his own boss and caring for his animals. Tom seeks a partner who shares his love for animals and positivity towards life’s challenges. Communication and loyalty are paramount to him, reflecting his affectionate and honest nature in relationships. Beyond farming, Tom enjoys surprising his loved ones with thoughtful gestures like surprise picnics and homemade breakfasts. With aspirations to expand his farm and start a family, Tom eagerly awaits the chance to build a loving and supportive future with the right companion.

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