Who are Prince Félix and Princess Claire? Everything you need to know about the Luxembourg royals

How a PhD student met her Prince Charming...

Although the media can sometimes be flooded with news of the British and Danish royal families, the Luxembourg royal family are living quite the discreet life.

His Royal Highness, Prince Félix of Luxembourg, Prince of Nassau, and his wife Princess Claire of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau, are the perfect example of this.

Quite the attractive and regal pair, their love story shares many similarities to that of Prince William and Princess Catherine. And while they may hold royal titles, the monarchs are very high achievers in both their education and their professional lives.

But who are these Luxembourg royals, and what do their lives look like more than a decade after their fairytale wedding?

Read on to find out...

Prince Felix Of Luxembourg and Princess Claire Of Luxembourg pose with Gabriele Lademacher, Hartmut Lademacher, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duke Jean after their wedding ceremony.

Does Luxembourg still have a royal family?

Located between Germany, France, and Belgium; Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world and the only sovereign Grand Duchy in the world. The Luxembourg royals have been head of state since 1815, with the most current reigning monarch being the Grand Duke Henri.

The Grand Duke Henri and his wife, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, have five children together. Prince Félix is the second born son of the pair and is currently fourth in line of succession.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Grand Duc Henri, their children Prince Louis, Princess Alexandra, Prince Guillaume, Prince Sebastien and Prince Felix.

How did Princess Claire and Prince Félix meet?

Claire Lademacher was an heiress and daughter of Hartmut Lademacher, with a fortune estimated at €600 million (roughly AU$980 million).

Claire completed her education between Germany and the US, before returning to Europe to attend one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland, Collège Alpin Beau Soleil. It is here that she met the Prince.

In 2003, the pair graduated, however no romance had sprung between them – yet! Prince Félix relocated to the United Kingdom where he joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. But before graduating, he left the academy and began working in areas of marketing and public relations.

Prince Felix De Luxembourg and Claire Lademacher in 2012 in Miami, Florida.

At this time, Claire studied at the American University of Paris, where her interests lied in International Communications. But if being a princess wasn’t cool enough; Claire went on to obtain a PhD in Bioethics.

During this time couple reconnected, and would spend quite a lot of time together studying and sharing an interest in bioethics.

After being spotted at the wedding of Prince Guillaume, Félix’s eldest brother, rumours began to swirl of their friendship blossoming into something sweeter.

When did Prince Félix get married?

After many public outings, it was obvious a royal romance was afoot. It didn’t take long for the Office of the Mashal of the Court to announce the engagement of Claire and Prince Félix in 2012.

Mademoiselle Claire Lademacher and SAR The Prince Felix of Luxembourg announce their engagement.

Just under a year later, the pair were married at Basilica of Sainte Marie-Madeleine de Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume in France.

Princess Claire wore a stunning long sleeve Elie Saab haute couture silk gown, embroidered with lace, pearls and crystals.

The religious ceremony was shared with friends and respective family members, however the public was also invited dependant on the available seating left at the venue.

Prince Felix of Luxembourg and Claire Lademacher at their wedding ceremony, where she officially gained the title of Her Royal Highness, Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau.

Who are the children of Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg?

Princess Claire and Prince Félix have three children together. Princess Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa, born in 2014, Prince Liam Henri Hartmut, born in 2016, and most recently; Prince Balthazar Félix Karl, born in 2024, and the first royal baby of the year!

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