The secret tools for squeeky clean skin

You may actually begin to enjoy taking off your makeup.

Gone are the days where we spend five minutes attacking our faces with scolding water and soap.

We are living in a skin revolution, and cleansing devices are at the forefront of this new wave of thinking.

By adding the extra step of using a pad, brush, or electric tool to your skincare routine, you’re ensuring nothing but your fresh face is touching your pillow that evening.

For the best cleansing devices that will unclog your pores, reduces fine lines, and maximise product absorbtion, continue reading.


Makeup Remover Pads


Let’s start with the old faithful. These microfibre eco-friendly cleansing pads are machine washable, and the organic next step up from makeup wipes. They act to swiftly and completely remove makeup, oils and face masks without making a mess or irritating your skin. The best part? There are three in the pack!


Foreo Luna 3


It may be small, but it’s mighty. The Foreo Luna 3 truly has something for everyone. With 16 different settings, this tool targets issues encountered by combination, sensitive, and normal skin types! With app guided cleansing methods, the Foreo Luna 3’s massage program is completely customisable based on your personal preference.


Clarisonic Mia Smart


Be at the forefront of cleansing technology with this three in one device. The Clarasonic Mia Smart brush comes with different attachments to target an array of skin concerns. Not only will it reduce pore appearance, but it prevents blemishes, tightens skin elasticty and reduces the visibility of under-eye puffiness.


Clean Freak Cleansing Device 


The Clean Freak Cleansing Device is the three in one dream all you skin care lovers have been waiting for. With soft, silicone bristles, adjustable vibration settings, and LED light technology you can use it for skin absorbption preparation, to remove skin impurities or just to remove daily makeup.


Jurlique Cleansing Brush


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and cost effective tool, this nylon and wood facial brush is the perfect way to ensure your cleanser is being properly absorbed. Just apply a small amount of cleanser after removing your makeup and gently massage to ensure full coverage of your product.


Personal Microderm Pro


Want the benefit of weekly microdermabrasion treatments without the price tag? This Microderm Pro uses suction and exfoliating discs to clear away dead skin, boosts collagen and aids in the elastication of the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Pro Facial Steamer 


Facial steaming can have incredible benefits. The Pro Facial Steamer, give you the feel of just stepping out of a spa, while never having to leave your home. This hand held device detoxifies, decongests pores, and preps the skin, ensuring maximise product absorption.

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