Who has left Farmer Wants A Wife 2024?

These ladies just weren’t destined to be with this year’s Farmers…

The beloved television show Farmer Wants A Wife is back with a brand new season.

And this year, Farmers Bert, Dean, Dustin, Joe and Tom are each embarking on a quest to find lasting love.

Yet, as fans of the show well know, the path to love is never without its twists, turns, and occasional heartache – we’re, of course, referring to when the farmers are forced to send a contestant home.

However, as there’s no regular elimination ceremony, contestants could be told to pack their bags at any given moment.

And so, if you’ve missed an episode (or two) you may be left wondering, ‘Who has left Farmer Wants A Wife?’

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading for an up-to-date rundown on which ladies Farmer Todd, Farmer Bert, Farmer Dean, Farmer Dustin, Farmer Joe and Farmer Tom have sent home so far.

Farmer Todd

The newest farmer to join did not waste any time meeting his eight matches, and getting to know them during a speed dates.

After the initial speed dates, Joe decided not to invite Anna, Mollie and Jamira back to his farm.

Farmer Joe

When Susie, despite her physical attraction to Joe, realised that farm life isn’t for her, she decided to leave. Joe was shocked and heartbroken, and bid her goodbye teary eyed.

For the first ‘eviction’, Joe decided to send Chelsea home.

After the initial speed dates, Joe decided not to invite Jen, Alice and Taylah back to his farm.

Calya admitted that she couldn’t see herself committing fully to farm life, prompting Joe to end their relationship, citing compatibility issues.

Farmer Dean

After having trouble deciding who to send home, Dean shocked everyone by sending both Bella and Tiffany home. He then ended his Farmer Wants A Wife journey by choosing Teegan.

For the first ‘eviction’, Dean decided to send Kate home.

After the initial speed dates, Jayden, Chloe and Danae were the ones who left Farmer Wants A Wife as Dean decided not to invite them back to his farm.

farmer wants a wife who left

Farmer Bert

In the final week of the show, Farmer Bert confesses to remaining hopefuls Brooke, Caitlin and Karli that he does not see a future with any of them and send them all home.

When Lauren found out that more contestants, chosen by the Farmer’s respective mums, were set to come to the farm, she decided to leave. “This whole process has been really hard for me. I’m not sure I can keep doing it, so I’ve got my bags. I’m gonna go home,” she told Bert.

For the second elimination, Bert decided to send Caity home.

After Karli stole Bert for a chat (despite her not being up for eviction), April shared privately with Bert that she felt insecure about Karli’s behaviour. Ultimately though, Bert decided to send April home as he doesn’t like being in the midst of any drama… Poor April!

After the initial speed dates, Bert decided not to invite Morgan, Ruby and Olivia back to his farm.

farmer wants a wife who left

Farmer Dustin

Chloe decided that the farm life is not for her, so she told Dustin and left.

For the first ‘eviction’, Dustin decided to send Kara home.

After the initial speed dates, Dustin decided not to invite Felicity, Kianah and Bec back to his farm.

farmer wants a wife who left

Farmer Tom

Angela realised that farm life just wasn’t for her, and so, she decided to leave. “I have come to conclusion that I just don’t want to live on a farm, with lots of animals. It’s a bit smelly. I’d definitely like to be in my beautiful house in the city,” she told Tom.

For the second elimination, Tom decided to send Taylah home. 

For the first ‘eviction’, Tom decided to send Abby home.

After the initial speed dates, Tom decided not to invite Emma, Holly and Laura back to his farm.

Farmer Tom had a tough decision to make between Krissy and Sarah. Sadly he decided to send Krissy home.

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