Meet the 2024 Farmer Wants A Wife farmers

These five men are looking for love…
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It’s that time of year again; Farmer Wants A Wife is set to grace our screens once more!

The popular reality show, which has so far been responsible for nine marriages, seven relationships and 21 children, will return in 2024 with its fourteenth season.

And while Channel 7 hasn’t given us an exact release date for Season 14 yet, they have announced that Samantha Armytage will be returning as host and Natalie Gruzlewski will return as co-host.

The network also revealed who the 2024 Farmer Wants A Wife farmers are! Meet them all below…

Farmer Bert, 30 – Queensland

Farmer Bert, a fourth-generation pineapple farmer from Wamuran in Queensland, is looking for a “sassy, fun, outgoing” woman who “likes the ocean.” However, the 30-year-old does admit that he finds meeting a beautiful woman “intimidating.”

farmer wants a wife 2024 farmers

Farmer Joe, 33 – New South Wales

Farmer Joe is a cattle and sheep farmer from Bombala in New South Wales and hopes his future wife can either ride a horse or is willing to learn. “[Being] open to try and have a go is really important to me,” he says.

farmer wants a wife 2024 farmers

Farmer Dustin, 26 – New South Wales

A third-generation mixed cattle, sheep and crop farmer from Condobolin in New South Wales, Farmer Dustin wants “a girl who wants to come out here and make a go of it. Wants to have a crack; not scared, resilient and have fun.”

farmer wants a wife 2024 farmers

Farmer Dean, 25 – Queensland

A third-generation cattle farmer from Kandanga in Queensland, Farmer Dean describes himself as “pretty laid back and easygoing.” He also says, “Love means the world to me. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, everyone gets emotional.”

Farmer Tom, 22 – Victoria

The youngest of the farmers in the 2024 Farmer Wants A Wife season is Farmer Tom, a cattle and cropping farmer from Tabilk in Victoria. Tom says he’s looking for “an equal.” Someone on the “same level mentally” and who is “motivated.”

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