Add an iconic Aussie twist to your Christmas decor this year

Celebrate the holidays with these quintessentially Australian decorations.

We love a snowflake or sleigh as much as the next person during the Christmas holidays; it’s just that they don’t feel very… Australian.

Be honest, when was the last time you sat by a roaring fire on Christmas morning with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, all rugged up in a blanket?

For most Australians, Christmas consists of unwrapping new beach toys, showing off your new swimsuit by the pool, or putting together a new bike in the sweltering heat.

So shouldn’t your holiday decor should reflect that too?

Get into the spirit with these Australian Christmas decorations…


Handmade Cockatoo Decoration


Are you one of the many Aussies who feeds the cockatoos leftover holiday lunches in the backyard? Why not commemorate the unofficial bird of Christmas inside your home this year too!


Christmas Botanical Christmas Bon Bons


At The Weekly we sure do love pink, and what’s better than pink in the form of native Australian flowers. These gorgeous Christmas bon bons add a pop of national colour to your tablescape that steers away from tradition, in a good way.

Australian Christmas decorations


Iconic Christmas Tree Decorations


Pay homage to your childhood with this collection of true blue Australian Christmas decorations. From fairy bread to thongs, these will get everyone talking about your tree.

Australian Christmas decorations


Felted SurfGuard Sporting Hero


Are you really Australian if you don’t visit the beach on Christmas morning? Pay homage to those that keep us safe while swimming by making room on your tree for this little nipper.

Australian Christmas decorations


Acrylic Koala Christmas Light 40cm


Why have a snowman on your front lawn when the reality of an Aussie Christmas is a hot 40 degree day with no snow in sight? Make your external decor feel more fitting with this cute koala Christmas light.

Australian Christmas decorations


May Gibbs Puzzle in Christmas Tree Ornament


This ornament will give way to the nostalgia that often comes at Christmas. The Gumnut Babies not only make an adorable decoration, the bauble doubles as a fun Christmas activity for the kids.

Australian Christmas decorations


Gum Leaf Christmas Wreath


This is perfect for the Christmas minimalist. Not only is this native wreath beautifully simple and natural, it’s slight nod at the Australian flora we get to enjoy here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Australian Christmas decorations


Map of Australia Christmas Ornament


Not every Aussie will be in the country this year for the holiday season, so this subtle reminder of home is perfect for those who might be miles away.

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