How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year...
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We’re counting down the days until we can finally decorate our homes for the holiday season. Because once the Christmas tree goes up, the festivities can begin. Whether it’s adorned with tinsel, baubles or glittering fairy lights, a traditional tree brings instant cheer to all who sees it.

This year, Balsam Hill interior design expert Jen Derry says people are putting up multiple trees in various rooms to feel the Christmas spirit throughout the whole house. “We’re also seeing gold colour palettes and themed trees, with meticulously curated ornaments serving as a focal point for other decorations,” she adds.

But finding the perfect tree (or two) for your home and family can take time, as it needs to fit your space, suit your style, and feature complementary accessories — from the tree skirt to the dazzling star topper. To help, we’ve put together the only Christmas tree buyer’s guide and decorating tips you’ll need this season.

How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

Choose the location
First thing’s first: decide where in your home to display your showstopping tree. Jen believes the best spots to put a Christmas tree are areas where it will be most visible. “To create an impact, pick a space where your tree can be seen from the outside or as soon as you walk in,” she says.

Decide on the size
To find the right fit for your space, explore various tree sizes, from tabletop options and slim trees for apartment living to grand trees for larger areas. Balsam Hill’s high quality artificial Christmas trees include dozens of different species, heights, and widths to suit every space, and are made with lifelike needles reminiscent of a real tree (all without the clean-up).

“Aim for at least 15 centimetres of space between the top of your tree and the ceiling, accounting for any topper or decorative stand,” Jen advises.

Balsam Hill’s Vermont White Spruce® is a pre-lit tree with a full, classic silhouette to brighten any space.

Prep the tree
Once you’ve placed your tree, it’s time to ‘fluff’ the branches. With a premium faux tree, you can arrange the foliage and shape the branches to achieve a lush and lifelike appearance.

How to decorate your Christmas tree

Choose a theme
Whether it’s based on a colour palette or ornament collection, developing a theme can help tie everything together. Create a mood board on Pinterest to visualise your ideas and ensure the theme is consistent, before moving on to the decorating stage.

Start with lighting

If your tree isn’t pre-lit, check that the lights all work before stringing them on the tree. To decorate like a pro, view your tree in sections and style each part from top to bottom, ensuring a balanced and layered look.

Layer in ornaments
Now you’re ready to start decorating. Add in classic ornaments or baubles in timeless colours like silver, gold, white, red, and green.

“Hang ornaments strategically, starting with larger ones tucked deeper within the foliage for depth. Smaller ornaments can be placed on the tips of branches to create a draping effect,” the interior expert shares.

“Add texture and fill any sparse areas with Christmas tree ribbons, layering different styles and widths for a textured look,” she adds.

Add the finishing touches 
Complete your tree with a personalised topper or a custom creation that adds personality.

Jen says: “Finally, choose a Christmas tree skirt or decorative tree collar that matches your theme, creating the perfect backdrop for your holiday presents.”

Shopping list: Christmas tree décor

BH Balsam Fir Christmas Tree


Vermont White Spruce®


Mixed Eucalyptus Foliage Wreath


Hollybrook Lane Foliage Garland


Mixed Eucalyptus Foliage Garland


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