Five unconventional ways to use your air fryer

That aren't just hot chips.
what to cook in air fryer

The humble air fryer is perhaps one of the most versatile appliances on our kitchen counters. Whilst you may only break out your air fryer for the occasional batch of hot chips or to heat up a party pie – this nifty appliance truly has hundreds of uses that you may not even be aware of. If you’re wondering what to cook in an air fryer, here are five unconventional and creative uses for you to try out.

Cooking the perfect breakfast eggs

Eggs are a delicious and healthy breakfast staple, but the thought of heating up a frying pan and cooking up your eggs in the morning whilst trying to get ready can be daunting. Well, using your air fryer is a sure-fire way to get your eggs in the morning with minimal effort.

If you’re a boiled egg lover, rather than heating up a big pot of boiling water each morning, try simply popping your eggs into your air fryer at 120 degrees. Cook for 9-11 minutes for soft boiled eggs, 12-13 minutes for jammy eggs and for hard-boiled cook for 15.

Afterwards, using a spoon, transfer your eggs into a cold dish to peel the shells and enjoy!

If a poached egg is more your forte, heat your air fryer up to 200 degrees for five minutes. Then, crack an egg into a ramekin or a small dish that has been sprayed with cooking oil. Next, add three teaspoons of water and cook for five minutes et voila! You have no-fuss poached eggs.

what to cook in an air fryer

For a perfect crispy chicken

Level up your chicken game by popping your next meal into the air fryer. Whether its chicken thigh, breast or even wings – coat your next chicken meal with oil and your favourite spices and pop it into the air fryer for the crispiest, most delectable skin ever.

Delicious homemade chips

Another underrated – and delicious – way to use your air fryer is to whip up a quick snack. Cut tortillas or pita bread into quarters and season with your favourite seasonings to whip up some quick and tasty homemade chips. 

You can also whip up some quick potato chips using a mandoline or peeler to cut up thin potato slices. Then, chill in an ice bath for 15 minutes, drain and pat dry before spritzing with cooking oil and seasonings of your choice.

Pop them into the air fryer for 15 minutes, tossing and turning them every few minutes and then enjoy!

what to cook in an air fryer

To reheat leftovers properly

Have you ever popped a pizza slice or a pie in the microwave to reheat only for it to come out soggy? Try using your air fryer next time.

Like a microwave, your airfryer can reheat food but with the added bonus of not making the leftovers soggy.

To level up your vegetables

During the rush of dinner-making, a side of veggies can sometimes be an afterthought – particularly when using a conventional oven or microwave. Next time you’re whipping up a plate of veggies, pop them into your air fryer instead.

Using a touch of cooking spray and salt to taste, you can put any vegetable into the air fryer for a no-fuss dinner side. 

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