From AI design to robots: Inside the current home tech revolution

For a high-tech house and low-stress living.

It feels like every other day we’re hearing about a new technological innovation to make our lives just that little bit easier. We might not be close to having jetpacks and robot housemaids like in The Jetsons, but tech advancements have made cleaning and living simpler.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the home technology advancements that is truly making living a breeze.

AI home design

Have you ever been out furniture shopping, looking at a dreamy piece, only to realise you’re not sure whether it will work with your current layout? Ikea may have just solved this issue for you. The Swedish furniture brand has recently unveiled ‘Ikea Kreativ’. Ikea Kreativ is an AI-powered mixed-reality experience that allows you to scan your living space, erase existing items and drag and drop Ikea furniture to plan out your room.

Apps and software like this can revolutionise the way we transform our homes – allowing us to see how furniture will look and function in the house before committing to buy it.

Smart locks

Are you someone who chronically loses their keys or locks themselves out? Gone are the days of the traditional key and lock… thanks to home technology innovations we now have smart locks. 

A smart lock will typically connect to your WiFi or bluetooth to operate. It doesn’t require a key, instead, you can set passcodes or use fingerprints to gain access to your home.

Not only does this mean you don’t have to carry around keys, but if you’re someone who forgets to lock the door, smart locks will auto lock after a certain time limit. 

home technology

Smart fridges

Though smart fridges are by no means a new innovation, it’s still worth mentioning how convenient they are. As opposed to a regular fridge, a smart fridge has the ability to monitor the status of your food with cameras and sensors – saving you from repurchasing costly groceries constantly.

Similarly, smart fridges can also save you money on your power bill. These nifty appliances are trained to have adaptive cooling settings. Some may even be alerted as to the most expensive times to run cooling cycles and adapt accordingly.

Robot vacuum

Arguably one of the most dreaded household tasks is vacuuming, it’s a job that’s never really done. Thankfully, you can relegate the task of incessant vacuuming to a robot vacuum. In fact, this might be one of the few futuristic innovations that The Jetsons got right.

Relatively inexpensive, robot vacuums can be better at getting hard-to-reach spots than you and traditional vacuum. They’re also totally anonymous, meaning that your floors will always be spick and span without lifting a finger.

Smart lights

To some people, the notion of smart lights is too fiddly and complex to set up. However, anyone with a smart lighting system will tell you it’s well worth it. Smart lights are lightbulbs that can be controlled from your phone. In fact, you could control all your lights in your house from your phone. 

This means if you’ve left lights on while you’re out, you can flick them off from your phone rather than dashing home. They’re also great for conserving energy and can even be adjustable to gel with your circadian rhythm for a perfect night’s sleep.

home technology

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