The stress-free guide to moving house

Easy steps to navigate one of life’s most laborious undertakings

Packing up your life to move house can be a monumental task, especially if you’ve lived in your current home for some time. There are prized, sentimental objects that should be handled with care, along with all of the daily paraphernalia that keeps life ticking along. And then there’s your furniture – big and bulky but nonetheless essential.

Regardless of whether it’s been years or decades since your last move, there are always ways to improve on your moving methods. These tips will help keep your head above a sea of cardboard boxes.

Declutter before you pack

Discard any unwanted items to lessen your packing load.

While decluttering often falls by the wayside when we’re in the throes of everyday life, moving presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of anything that is no longer useful. After all, the less belongings you have, the less you’ll have to pack (and unpack!).

Go room by room, discarding any items that are broken or no longer serve a purpose. Also think about your new home and the storage space available and cull accordingly. Ask yourself when you last used each item, and whether you’re likely to use it again, and for surplus items like glassware, towels or clothing, select a few favourites and donate the rest to charity.

Have a few items that you definitely want to keep, but won’t need immediately after moving? Or found a few belongings you’d like to keep, but you won’t have enough space at the new place? TAXIBOX is a great option for keeping them safe. Large enough to fit 1-1.5 rooms worth of stuff, TAXIBOX provides mobile storage units that are delivered to you, allowing you the time you need to pack and store your belongings before it’s collected and taken to a safe storage facility. When you need your belongings back, you can have your TAXIBOX redelivered. Simple.

Streamline the packing process

Lable, label, label to keep track of all your belongings.

Rather than leaving your packing to the last minute and throwing everything into boxes in a random fashion, it pays to plan ahead to maximise your efficiency. Trust us, you’ll reap the rewards on the other end when items are intact and easy to find.

To start, source lots of cardboard boxes in a range of sizes. Supermarkets may have some lying out the back, or put a note out on your local community Facebook group to ask if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs. Alternatively, you can buy boxes from storage facilities. With TAXIBOX, you can have all of your packing supplies – tape, markers, bubblewrap, and of course your boxes – with or without your TAXIBOX, so you can get a head start on packing.

As you pack, label excessively so you instantly know what’s inside. Try to write on all sides so that when the boxes are stacked, you’ll still be able to see the label. You may even like to use colour-coded labels for each room or to indicate your unpacking priorities – red for items you’ll need straightaway and green for things that aren’t critical. Last-minute items like medications, phone chargers and toiletries can be packed into a storage tub and transferred in your car.

Getting from A to B

Once you’re all packed up, the next question is how you and all your stuff will travel to the new place. Car, van, trailer or truck – there are so many options, depending on how much you need to move.

If you’ve opted for a TAXIBOX storage unit, you can have it delivered straight to your new home. No trying to manoeuvre a massive hire truck into a tiny parking space or trying to beat the clock to get it back on time. TAXIBOX does all the driving for you. The storage unit can then stay on your street, in your front yard or in your garage for as long as you need, giving you plenty of time to unpack and settle in.

Bring in the professionals

Hire removalists to do the heavy lifting for you.

If funds allow, outsourcing your move will make things run a lot more smoothly. Hire removalists to take care of all the heavy lifting in a super-efficient timeframe (and avoid unwanted back injuries at the same time). They’re experts at navigating awkward driveways, narrow doorways and – shudder – flights of stairs. Also think about enlisting someone to help with the unpacking. With everything labelled, it will be a quick and painless task.

Brought to you by TAXIBOX. TAXIBOX makes moving house easier by giving you the time and space to tackle it at your own pace. Make a booking online today to take the stress out of moving day.

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