EXLCUSIVE: Brittany Hockley reveals what was cut from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

"It was probably too much for TV..."

The penultimate episode of this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia ended with a shock double elimination.

This meant Brittany Hockley and Ellie Cole were both booted from the jungle.

But during her time on the reality show, Brittany braved being dropped from the side of a cliff, plunged into icy waters and took a cannon to the face.

The radio host also candidly opened up about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship as well as her fertility journey.

Shortly after she left the jungle, The Weekly spoke to Brittany to reflect on her overall experience…

Read our full I’m A Celeb interview with Brittany Hockley below:

The Weekly: What was the best thing you experienced in the jungle?

Brittany: Best thing… You know what? The trials and the challenges that you get to do are so fun and like nothing that you will ever get to do ever again.

ellie cole and brittany hockley i'm a celeb

Like, being thrown off cliffs, your hands in a bowl of snakes, freezing cold ice challenges, the food – actually that was the worst part, I’m not going to lie. It was so bad, and I vomited. Projectile vomiting everywhere.

But overall, it just really pushed you to your limits and that’s what I wanted to go in for and that’s what I loved.

Well, you just touched on it, but what was the hardest challenge to get through?

Without a doubt, the one thing I was dreading before I went in, believe it or not, wasn’t the snakes. It wasn’t the dirt and the animals and insects and the heights. It was the food.

I prayed every day to get through without an eating challenge. I have a really weak stomach and, you know, I can vomit at the smell of melting butter or cooking mince; I’m just very fussy.

So, I knew it wouldn’t be good and [the eating challenge] was the worst thing I have ever done. I had a biscuit made of stink bugs with nipples all over it, like real nipples. It was disgusting. The worst thing I’ve put in my mouth.

And I think they cut a lot of it out [of the episode] but I was properly vomiting everywhere – it was probably too much for TV [laughs].

Are there any I’m A Celeb contestants that you now consider a friend?

Oh, I mean, I would like to think all of them. I knew Ellie [Cole] before I went in; I had interviewed her on my podcast but we became way closer in there.

Michelle [Bridges], I got quite close with. Frankie [Muniz], 100 per cent we hit it off. Callum [Hole], love him. Skye, Peter, everyone. I just feel like the easier question is, ‘Who wouldn’t you be friends with?’ Because the answer is no one.

Who do you hope will win I’m A Celeb this year?

It’s a hard question because they’re all great people. They all have great charities. But I hope Tristan [MacManus] will win. I say that because I knew him before going in and I just know he’s a great guy. He’s in there for all the right reasons. He’s so genuine, and kind and funny. And I just think he’d be a really great champion for the cause, for the show, and inspiration really.

And what’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home? Aside from obviously hugging your loved ones?

Oh, all I want is a fettuccine carbonara from my boyfriend Ben [Siegrest, the Swiss football player]. He makes the best I’ve ever eaten. So I’m hoping I might try and sneak in a day or two in Scotland [where Ben resides] before I get home. Yeah. And then a hot shower.

The finale of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia airs on Sunday, April 21 on Channel Ten and 10play.

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